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interior design Popular Interior Design Styles

These Are the Most Popular Interior Design Styles of 2023

August 11, 2023 at 7:20 PM PST
interior design Popular Interior Design Styles

These Are the Most Popular Interior Design Styles of 2023

August 11, 2023 at 7:20 PM PST

While minimalism and maximalism are in fashion, they’re not the only popular interior design styles out there. Actually, they’re not even in the top three, according to Pinterest. With all its endless inspirational glory, the app stands as a vision board for literally everything anyone could ever want in their living space. It’s a place for decorators to find the perfect item, home designers to discover new ways to arrange and combine, and DIY lovers to figure out their next project. So, what types of interior design trends are creatives sourcing ideas from this year?

Furniture merchant Joybird scraped data from 10,500 Pinterest boards to develop a list of the 25 most popular interior design styles for 2023 based on experts at Architectural Digest, HGTV, and MyDomaine. Keep reading for the top 10 trends to consider applying to your next home renovation.

Top 10 Interior Design Types

1. Scandinavian

Taking the lead is Scandinavian design. Often mistaken for minimalist design, this simplistic style features neutral colors, natural textures, functionalism, and coziness.

2. Art Deco

Up next is Art Deco. First popularized in the 1920s and ’30s, this luxurious design trend is marked by stylized geometric patterns and motifs, rich tones, and grand materials.

3. Traditional

Coming back into trend is traditional interior design. Some of the characteristics of this timeless style include neutral color palettes with pops of vibrant colors, classic decor elements, and dark wood flooring.

4. Modern Farmhouse

Ranking fourth is Modern Farmhouse. While classic farmhouse decor dates back to the 1700s, the modern version of this style offers a little less rustic appeal. Instead, it blends rustic charm with contemporary elements for more sophistication.

5. Mid-century Modern

mid-century modern living room
Photo credit: Kate Darmody

In the fifth spot, you’ll find mid-century modern design. This organic style came to the forefront in the 1930s and ’40s. It’s defined by a ranging color palette, natural elements, a mix of shapes, clean lines, and functionalism.

6. Bauhaus

Originating in Germany, the Bauhaus style mixes simple shapes, functionality, primary or minimal colors, and rational use of industrial materials. Unlike others, this trend incorporates little to no decorative elements.

7. Contemporary

Contemporary design is an inclusive style featuring several aspects, like open spaces, crisp and clean lines, layered textures, natural and industrial elements, and a blend of neutral and vibrant colors.

8. Maximalism

maximalist interior decor
Photo credit: Steph Wilson

You hear this word so often when discussing interior design you might be surprised by its ranking. Maximalist interiors are extravagant, playful, and colorful. Some of its key elements include bold pattern combinations, plush textures and fabrics, layering, and an excess of decorative accents.

9. Eclectic

Similar in fashion to maximalism, eclectic style is carefully curated and mixes prints, patterns, and textures. You will also see a mix of style genres, like a fusion of modern and traditional decor.

10. Desert Modern

Desert Modern interior design styles embody its name. This trend invites you to bring the desert indoors through natural materials, neutrals, and hues reminiscent of landscapes, arches, patterned accents, greenery, and natural lighting.

Now that you know the particular elements of these trending design styles, you can replicate them in your home. Although some styles are less popular, interior design is about preference and creativity. Remember that your living space should speak to who you are and what you like. You don’t need a trendy home to have a beautiful one. It’s true that there are rules to home design, but who says you can’t defy them? If you’re in the design process, consider playing around with different styles to try to create the interior of your dreams. Turning your house into a home takes time, but with your Pinterest board, you’ll get there in no time.



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