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5 Things the Home & Texture Staff is Loving This Week

Dig into our latest favorite products and appliances, from tea kettles to toilet scrubbers.

  • Savannah West
  • Published January 22, 2024 (Updated January 22, 2024) PST
January 22, 2024 at (Updated January 22, 2024) PST

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Show Your Kitchen Some Love

When it comes to kitchen appliances and cookware, style and function go hand-in-hand. After all, the best products are the ones that can double as decor. Check out these kitchen essentials from top brands that don’t compromise on quality or skimp on style.

6-Piece Prep Set

"I'm pretty picky about having the right prep gear for all my cooking projects and Falcon's 6-piece Prep Set totally delivers. They've got the perfect-sized bowls, from massive mixing tubs great for baking to cute little ramekins for snacking or separating spices. Made of sleek stainless steel, these bowls can tackle batches big and small for fuss-free prep. As icing on the cake, the bowls stack so seamlessly that the entire set takes up little to no cabinet space. These are a must-have for every home-cook." — Savannah West, Deputy Editor

Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Electric Pour-Over Kettle (White)

"This electric kettle is the perfect kitchen gadget for anyone who loves sipping cozy drinks throughout the cold weather seasons. Whether it’s herbal tea, matcha, or hot chocolate, I love how my drinks are the perfect temperature every time in a matter of seconds. The gooseneck-style spout makes it easy to pour without a mess, so I never have to worry about accidentally spilling hot water too fast. Not to mention, it makes the ritual of creating every drink feel more luxurious." — Camryn Dilger, Associate Editor

Rolling Knife Gift Set

"Anyone who gets excited by meal prep will drool over the revolutionary Tumbler Rolling Sharpener. It flawlessly sharpens using a safe and simple rolling disc system. Expertly curated accents like a magnetic blade guard and polishing strop round out the ultimate knife care kit that foodies will flip over. This is one product that is guaranteed to deliver perfect edges and serious smiles with every use." — Savannah West, Deputy Editor

Upgrade Your Smart Home Technology

Gone are the days of imagining smart homes as something only from sci-fi movies—today’s tech is more accessible than ever and easy to upgrade your everyday life. These game-changing smart products deliver the future right to your front door.

Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen)

"Whether I'm cooking a comfort meal or cleaning up the kitchen, the Echo Show 5 always comes in handy when I want to catch up on my favorite shows or listen to music. Its small and compact size fits perfectly on my kitchen countertop and is out of the way of my kitchen accessories. Plus, the Alexa Assistant feature allows me to shop, keep track of my Amazon orders, and personalize my screen with my favorite photos!" — Karina Young, Contributing Writer 

Under Cabinet LED Motion Sensor Lights

"After easy installation, these under-the-cabinet lights really provided an ambiance to my kitchen that I instantly fell in love with! The lights add a luxe feel that I didn't have before. I loved them so much, I ordered extra to place under my island and under my bathroom cabinets. It's the right amount of light, not too bright or too dim, and after about 15-20 seconds, they automatically turn off. Overall, I highly recommend these convenient lights for an upgraded look to your home!"                      — Karina Young, Contributing Writer



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