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Kitchen 2024 Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends in 2024 That You’ll See Everywhere

November 22, 2023 at 4:57 PM PST
Kitchen 2024 Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends in 2024 That You’ll See Everywhere

November 22, 2023 at 4:57 PM PST

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen? Or are you considering getting new appliances or decor? Some of the most exciting trends we’ve seen in kitchen design are cool coffee bars, sintered stone countertops, gold fixtures, and more. Your kitchen gets the most foot traffic of any room in the home. It’s where you cook and where you, your family, and your friends eat. Because of this, it’s always great to have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

There are so many different focal points in your kitchen. Countertops and your kitchen island are what people see first in your kitchen, but flooring, backsplash, furniture, and decor are just as important. As for kitchen colors, warm colors are popular and will continue trending in 2024. Wood and gold have been seen on everyone’s design inspo Pinterest board.  Here are the 2024 kitchen trends you’ll see everywhere come New Year’s.


The Ultimate Coffee Bar

Install an at-home coffee bar with a coffee machine, syrups, a topping station, mugs and decor. This kitchen trend has been all over TikTok and will continue to be a trend in 2024. Pictured: A coffee machine.

If you’ve been following home and kitchen trends on TikTok, you know that coffee bars have been a recent trend. This trend will be leaving in 2023 and heading into 2024. Homeowners are looking to install extravagant coffee bars to encourage them to make their own drinks and give their kitchen space an upgrade. Nespresso machines, coffee syrups in glass bottles, labeled toppings, cute mugs, and coffee-inspired decor will be fully displayed next year. Who needs Starbucks when you have your own personal coffee shop right at home?

Bold Color Choices

We'll see bold color choices like green as a kitchen trend in 2024. Pictured: A kitchen with green cabinetry.

Next year, we’ll see homeowners take a risk and trade out white for bold colors. One popular color we’ll see in particular next year is green. Shades of green have been having their moment in bedrooms, but now we’ll see this switch in kitchens. The earthy ambiance of green is peaceful and pairs well with wood furniture or gold hardware in kitchens. We’ll also see other bold colors like blue, pink, and yellow in 2024 as homeowners look to brighten up their spaces.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops will continue to be a kitchen design trend in 2024. These countertops are versatile in style, easy to clean and durable. Pictured: Quartz countertops in a kitchen.

Sintered stone countertops were in this year, and next year, quartz will be taking over. Quartz countertops are convenient, durable, and easy to clean, and they’ll give your kitchen an elegant look. It’s also versatile so that you can choose different styles and colors depending on the design of your kitchen.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances have been a kitchen staple for years, but it's no surprise that they'll be a 2024 kitchen trend. Pictured: A kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

It’s no surprise that stainless steel is making a significant comeback. This 2024 kitchen trend involves stainless steel appliances, of course. We’ll be seeing fingerprint-proof stainless steel refrigerators to prevent smudges and keep the appliance clean and sleek looking. Of course, appliances like stoves and freezers will also be popular, but we’ll also see an uptick of stainless steel induction cooktops integrated into countertops.

Unique Range Hoods

Detailed, painted and uniquely designed range hoods will be a 2024 kitchen trend. This personalizes your home and gives your kitchen a unique focal point. Pictured: A range good with gold detailing in a kitchen.

Something you’ll notice in 2024 are unique range hoods. This detailed design trend will be in fancy kitchens and provide a personalized and warm ambiance to the space. The NKBA even reports that over 67 percent of designers will use this trend to make the kitchen a focal point of the home. You can easily make this area of your kitchen unique by using paint or peel-and-stick wallpaper, and this trend works well with stainless steel, wood and other materials.

Gold Hardware and Finishes

Gold accents in cabinetry and faucets are a 2024 kitchen trend that leave an elegant and warm touch to the space. Pictured: A kitchen with gold detailing.

This 2024 kitchen trend feels luxurious and sophisticated and will give your home a warm finish. Gold hardware and detailing in cabinets, sink faucets, and lighting brighten the home and leave a gleaming shine and finish. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, 50 percent of survey respondents are going for the gold, replacing black hardware.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a 2024 kitchen trend that set the tone and ambiance of the space. Lighting is important for if you want a bright or warm kitchen. Pictured: A kitchen with pendant lights.

Lighting is incredibly important in any room in the home. It sets the tone and ambiance for the room. Pendant lights in particular are a kitchen trend we’ll see more of in 2024. These lights make a great addition to any kitchen and add a classy and elegant touch.



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