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7 Lighting and Equipment Gifts for the Aspiring Content Creator in Your Life

December 1, 2023 at 12:13 AM PST
Gift Guides Lighting and Equipment Gifts

7 Lighting and Equipment Gifts for the Aspiring Content Creator in Your Life

December 1, 2023 at 12:13 AM PST

Nowadays, it can seem like everyone is trying to be a content creator, and for good reason. According to Zippia, the global content creator economy is valued at approximately $104.2 billion! This makes creating content a pretty lucrative deal. Plus, a Global Web Index report states that the average person is estimated to have at least seven active social media accounts, which means there’s a lot of content to be made. But first, what does it take to be a successful social media content creator? In order to become a superstar content creator, you need to have the right equipment.

Why should you invest in equipment?

Having the proper equipment can truly transform the quality of your videos, which obviously attracts more followers. But if you don’t have the right equipment, your content is more likely to be lackluster and hard to watch. This makes it really challenging to grow your audience, and as a result, you’ll have an even harder time making a name for yourself in the digital world.

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What You Need To Become a Content Creator: The Basics

The key to creating good, quality content that leaves your followers coming back for more is in your equipment. Here are a few things every beginning content creator needs to get started:


To create high-quality content, you’ll need a high-quality camera to match. For a professional-quality videos, opt for something like a digital single-lens reflex camera — of DSLR, for short — or mirrorless camera that can shoot HD video.


There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a video with terrible audio. To keep background noise at bay, shop for an external microphone like a shotgun or lapel mic. Having the right sound equipment can guarantee your audio is always crisp and clear.


Once you’ve chosen a camera, you’ll need something to keep it steady as you film content. This is where a tripod can greatly come in handy. Tabletop tripods are perfect for creating stationary content such as gaming, hair tutorials, or product reviews. Or if you plan on doing vlogs, DIY tutorials, or dance challenges, a swiveling ball head tripod is the perfect companion.

Lighting and equipment for a content creator
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7 Lighting and Equipment Finds for Content Creators

If you know someone who’s interested in becoming a content creator, spread a little holiday cheer by gifting them some quality equipment. To get started, here are seven of the best lighting and equipment finds for content creators:

Yeti USB Microphone for PC

Take your audio quality to new heights with this Yeti USB Microphone for PC users! This small but mighty mic uses advanced technology to produce crisp, clear sound for every type of content creation, from gaming to podcasting.

3-in-1 Content Creator Kit

For live streaming equipment, try this 3-in-1 Content Creator Kit from ULANZI Select. This innovative content creator kit includes the basics — i.e. a phone holder, tablet holder, and ring light — that every beginning streamer needs to produce quality content for their growing audience.

Auto Face Tracking Tripod

For vloggers, this super cool rotating camera mount is the perfect way to capture their best side, every time. This stand not only features incredible dual core AI computing power that automatically recognizes your face, but it also rotates a full 360 degrees to record even the slightest movements with ease.

2-Pack LED Video Light Kit

For professional-quality lighting, try this 2-Pack LED Video Light Kit from NiceVeedi. Each kit comes with a pair of tripods, phone holders, and dimmable light panels featuring three color temperatures that you can conveniently adjust to create the perfect video setting.

Metal Bi-Color LED Video Light

Capture your audience's attention with this premium Metal Bi-Color LED Video Light that produces bright, high-quality illumination for every type of content. It includes a whopping 660 LED bulbs for a super clear picture. Plus, you can mount it pretty much anywhere — on a stand, on the ground, or at a desk — for your convenience.

Extendable Magnetic Cell Phone Tripod Stand

For convenient, hands-free content creation, shop this Extendable Magnetic Cell Phone Tripod Stand from andobil. Not only does this stand capture pictures and videos with ease, it can also convert into a selfie stick so you always take the perfect shot.

Wired Premium Stereo Sound Headsets

For an expert-quality listening experience, consider this pair of Wired Premium Stereo Sound Headsets from OneOdio. Made from protein leather memory foam, each headphone gently cushions your ear while its 50 millimeter speaker unit drivers and neodymium magnets deliver a robust sound that 's perfect for gamers and reactors.

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