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Decorate Pastel Decor

5 Pastel Decor Pieces That Will Instantly Make Your Space Feel Lighter and Brighter

Soak in spring with these stylish decorative pieces that are perfect for adding a pop of color.

April 30, 2024 at 12:19 AM PST
Decorate Pastel Decor

5 Pastel Decor Pieces That Will Instantly Make Your Space Feel Lighter and Brighter

Soak in spring with these stylish decorative pieces that are perfect for adding a pop of color.

April 30, 2024 at 12:19 AM PST

Sunny skies, flowers in bloom, chirping birds, and pastel colors are what the spring season is all about. And what better way to capture the sweet hues of the popular pastel aesthetic than through gorgeous home decor pieces? Whether it’s a set of lavender accent chairs or a pale yellow painted wall, there are numerous ways you can incorporate pastels into your interior design for a light and refreshing feel this season. While pastels might be most favorable to maximalists, the pastel aesthetic is a trend that everyone can subtly introduce into their home. Pastel decor is effective and versatile, so it can really be added to any home design style for an extra pop of color.

Our Favorite Pastel Pieces

How To Incorporate Pastels Into Your Home

Try a monochromatic scheme.

Who said you couldn’t decorate with one color? Just like fashion, implementing monochrome is a staple design that just…works. When going monochrome, start with the lightest shades of the color of your choosing on your wall or rugs. Then, go darker in other areas like your curtains, decorative pieces and wall art.

Use just a pop of pastels.

A great way to introduce pastel palettes into your home is by sprinkling a pop of pastels. This means starting small and then working your way up to larger items. This is also a great way to use a pop of color in a neutral-based aesthetic and add soft touches in a bold space.

Try pastel wallpapers.

Wallpapers can completely transform the look and feel of your space. Whether with a floral or sleek pattern, choosing wallpaper with pastel colors in the designs is one of the best ways to introduce a new color palette into the space. Then, bring out those less prominent tones by incorporating them into your space with other decorative items.

For inspiration, take a look at our favorite pastel decor pieces to shop for spring.

Artechworks Contemporary Velvet Loveseat

Love is in the air with the Artechworks Contemporary Velvet Loveseat. Although it's available in eight different colors, pink is the perfect way to introduce of feminity and spring vibes into your space. Featuring plush accents, gorgeous curves, and a polished structure, this loveseat is the whole package. It emphasizes comfort and functionality while also making a perfect statement piece. Place it in your home office, bedroom or living room and instantly elevate your aesthetic.

Gracieleigh 63″ Arched Floor Lamp

An extra touch of ambient lighting never hurt anyone, and the Graceleigh Arched Floor Lamp will not disappoint. The 63-inch shade lamp is another statement piece that will stand out in any room. Providing a retro vibe, the lamp displays a gold-tone metal base and ribbed glass shade. It's also LED compatible, allowing you to choose how low or high you'd like the light to be.

Signleader Modern Multicolor Abstract Artwork

You can't implement new color without stunning wall art. This Signleader Modern Mulitcolor Abstract Artwork screams spring and fresh vibes. The frames are made from a durable plastic that will make your artwork last, while the high-definition art is eye-catching enough to enhance the visual interest of your space. Hang your art in your bedroom, bathroom, or any space that best suits your aesthetic, and pair them together or hang them separately. Either way, you'll be happy you added this pastel piece to your existing decor.

OppsArt Colorful Ceramic Vases

Fresh florals belong in colorful vases. The OppsArt Colorful Ceramic Vases are made of high-quality ceramic with smooth finishes and come in a set of three. With orange, yellow, and blue vases, they add the best colorful touch to your space. Use them as a centerpiece or display them on your bookshelf, TV stand, or coffee table. Crafted with ice crack glaze, they're not easy to fade or crack, meaning they're durable enough to give your flowers a safe home. Group them together or separate them—they're guaranteed to add a colorful and playful touch to your home.  

Estelle Colored Glass Mixed Stemware Set

Introduce pastels into the heart of your home—the kitchen. This Estelle Colored Glass Mixed Stemware Set is a beautiful six-piece set including a rainbow of pastel colors. Each glass is hand-blown and made by glass artisans in Portland. You can't deny the subtle detail it'll add to your dinner parties when hosting. Whether you're having a night in with friends or taking the solo route, these glasses will allow you to raise a toast in style.

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