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How To Set the Mood in Your Space With Ambient and Accent Lighting

If you want your space to be an undeniable vibe, look no further than accent lighting.

March 19, 2024 at 5:59 PM PST

Lighting plays a crucial role in the atmosphere of a space. While ceiling lighting is sometimes harshly bright, accent and ambient lighting offer a subtle glow, creating a cozy and inviting home without losing visibility. Colorful options make things fun, too. Here are some tips and ideas for layering sconces, lamps, lanterns, and light strips and bars in your home to craft an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece.

8 Tips for Elevated Lighting Design

1. Mix and match.

Enhance visual appeal and depth by harmoniously pairing different lighting fixtures. With so many options available in traditional, vintage and contemporary styles, you can craft a gorgeous design without overcrowding any areas with excessive lights.

2. Create zones.

Define different points within a room using specific fixtures tailored to each spot, such as task lights for workspaces, ambient lights for relaxation areas, and accent lights to highlight architectural features or artwork.

3. Play with heights.

Experiment with heights to add dimension to your room. For example, combine low-profile table lamps with hanging paper lanterns to create a dynamic and alluring arrangement.

4. Choose fixtures with dimmers.

Install dimmer switches for adjustable brightness levels, allowing you to customize the ambiance of your space throughout the day.

5. Utilize hidden lighting.

Incorporate hidden lighting solutions, like LED light strips discreetly placed beneath shelves or behind furniture, to infuse your space with a gentle warmth, elevating both the appeal and practicality of your design.

6. Highlight focal points.

Just as you craft distinct zones, strategically draw attention toward focal points within a room, whether it’s a striking piece of furniture, an ornate wall, or a snug reading corner.

7. Embrace contrast and temperature.

Consider the color temperature of your light sources and how they interact with the colors and materials in your space. Mix warm and cool lighting tones to incorporate contrast and balance in your space. Warmer temperatures are best for cozy, intimate settings and cooler temperatures for bright, energizing environments.

8. Lead with individuality.

Tailor your setup to reflect your style and preferences. Whether you prefer minimalist modern fixtures or vintage-inspired lanterns, choose lighting elements that resonate with your vision and overall design scheme.

Lighting Inspo: Why These 3 Design Ideas Work

We love this groovy living room featuring colorful lights in one half and warm lights in the other. Aside from the paper lantern on the media console, when turned off, the silhouettes aren’t decorative additions that contribute to the space’s aesthetic, but once illuminated, they change the entire mood. The TV also provides a light source that mirrors the colors from the globe and standing floor lamps, making the room feel cohesive.


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This fiery orange paradise is a cozy haven. Although each light is alike in tone, they’re slightly different, creating various focal points, which is what you want to achieve when layering. The strategy of using multiple small lighting sources and candles to build a vivid glow calls attention to the maximalist and minimalist qualities in the room, and the setup successfully directs the mood.


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The transition from day to night in this minimalistic living room is a tangerine dream, but the lights in this space can change to any color. Simplistic, modern and subtle, the lighting adds to the daytime aesthetic by doubling as window and coffee table decor. The light bar behind the couch also highlights the wall art in the nighttime. The bulbs in the design are powerful enough to display color during the day but don’t wash out the natural lighting from the windows. It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t want to deal with too many fixtures.


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