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Cleaning The 6/10 Cleaning Method

How To Keep Your Home Tidy With the 6/10 Cleaning Method

Maintain a tidy and organized home with this simple yet effective cleaning method.

March 11, 2024 at 8:19 PM PST

There’s always room for new and innovative methods when it comes to cleaning. If you’re looking for a new way to tidy your home while spring cleaning this season, consider the “6/10 Method.” Created by a busy mom, this method simplifies cleaning by focusing on completing six essential daily tasks and 10 weekly tasks, making household chores manageable and less time-consuming.

The brilliance of the 6/10 Cleaning Method lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. The daily six tasks are designed to maintain a clean and organized living environment without being anxiety-inducing. By consistently performing these tasks, the house stays tidy, reducing the need for rushed clean-ups or all-day cleaning marathons.

washing dishes
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Instead of spending hours on the weekends cleaning your home, you can have more time to hang out with friends, explore your city, or simply relax at home.

The Daily 6:

1. Make Your Bed
2. Wash the Dishes
3. Scrub the Sink
4. Wipe Kitchen Counters
5. Vacuum Floors
6. Do a Load of Laundry (for big families)

doing laundry
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To complement the daily tasks, the 6/10 Method incorporates 10 weekly tasks. These are aimed at areas of the home that don’t require daily attention but are essential for maintaining a clean and clutter-free living space.

The Weekly 10:

1. Wipe Out the Fridge
2. Wipe Out the Microwave
3. Tidy Pantry
4. Mop Floors
5. Clean Bathrooms
6. Clean Sink Drains
7. Dust Furniture
8. Wash Bedding
9. Tidy Car
10. Clean Pets’ Bowls

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6/10 Method Tips

If the thought of doing six tasks per day is overwhelming, start small. You can start by checking two or three tasks off of your list and gradually work your way up to completing the six daily tasks. Once you get in the swing of things, you’ll be able to get through the list with ease.

By dividing household chores into manageable daily and weekly tasks, the 6/10 Method transforms what can feel like a mountain of chores into a series of achievable steps.



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