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7 Signs It's Time To Get New Pots and Pans

If making a meal feels like a hazard waiting to happen, maybe it's time to get new cookware.

February 28, 2024 at 1:15 AM PST

Are your pots and pans feeling a bit tired and worn out? Maybe they’re not searing like they used to, or they’ve taken on some unusual shape thanks to too much accidental exposure to heat, or they’ve had one too many adventures in the dishwasher. If you’re wondering if you should ditch your old cookware for something new, here are a few telling signs that it’s time to upgrade your cookware.


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1. The Non-Stick Has Lost Its Magic

Remember the days when eggs glided effortlessly across your skillet? If your non-stick cookware now requires more oil than a deep fryer, it might be shouting for retirement. Non-stick surfaces lose their effectiveness over time, often due to scratches or wear from utensils. When food starts sticking like glue, it’s a sign that your pots and pans need an upgrade, like this one with a non-stick surface that’s PFOA and PTFE-free to restore that smooth cooking experience.

2. Handles Playing Hide and Seek

Have you ever experienced the heart-stopping moment when the handle decides to detach mid-stir? It may be a sign that your cookware is plotting against you . . . or that it’s time to lay it to rest. Loose or wobbly handles make cooking precarious and pose a serious safety hazard. Don’t wait for a handle to make a surprise exit—invest in new cookware with sturdy and secure handles for peace of mind while you whip up culinary delights.

3. Warped Woes

Are your pots resembling more of an abstract art piece than functional cookware? Warped bottoms can lead to uneven cooking, leaving you with half-charred, half-raw culinary creations. Warping typically occurs from exposure to high heat or sudden temperature changes. If your pots wobble on the stove or spin like a top, it’s a sign that they’ve reached the end of their journey.

Rusty cookware
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4. Rust Rings

Rust spells doom for your pots and pans, signaling that they’ve reached the end of their lifetime. Besides, having a tangy, metallic taste in your sauteed vegetables isn’t exactly what you had on the menu, ever. Rust affects the appearance of your cookware but also compromises its safety and performance. If you spot any signs of rust, it’s time to part ways and invest in rust-resistant pots and pans that will last.

5. Burnt Offerings That Won’t Budge

If no matter how much elbow grease and magic erasers you apply those stubborn burnt remnants remain, it’s time to accept defeat and upgrade in pots and pans that won’t hold grudges. Burnt-on food affects the flavor of your dishes and makes cooking a nightmare. Life’s too short to be scrubbing for hours. Introduce yourself to cookware with easy-to-clean surfaces that effortlessly release even the stickiest of messes.

6. The Mystery of the Disappearing Coating

Where did that non-toxic, ceramic coating vanish to? If your pots and pans are shedding their protective layers faster than a cat sheds fur, it’s time to rethink your kitchen companions. A deteriorating coating compromises the non-stick properties of your cookware and can expose you to potentially harmful chemicals. Don’t gamble with your health! Instead, go for cookware with durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly coatings that can withstand the rigors of everyday cooking.

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7. Handles Hotter Than the Stove

Your recipe calls for a pinch of salt, not a trip to the emergency room for burns. If your pot handles conduct heat faster than Beyonce breaking the internet, it’s high time for an upgrade. Heat-conducting handles pose a safety risk and can make cooking uncomfortable. Keep the hazards out of the kitchen, especially when it comes to pots and pans, like this one that features stay-cool handles designed to protect your hands, even when cooking up a storm.

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