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Why The Color Black Will Never Go Out of Style

Bold, sleek, and classic, black continues to leave a mark in the ever-evolving interior design industry.

February 23, 2024 at 10:30 PM PST

While it’s been included in interior design trends that have come and gone, black will never truly go out of style. It’s been proven through its longevity, bold impact and elegant (or edgy) look that it adds to every space. Whether it’s used as an accent color or through a stylish accessory, black is timeless and makes a statement in any room it touches. The relevancy of black is more than a trend and offers unmatched vibes when you understand how to incorporate it into your home the right way.

By implementing big or small touches, black can transform a space by giving it character and solidity. And if you’re looking for ways to refresh or update your home, adding black is one of the smartest and easiest ways to do so. Find out why black is relevant in the home design space and how to decorate with it like an expert.

Why Black Will Always Be Relevant in Home Decor

Black is timeless.

There’s never been a time in which black wasn’t in rotation for home design. Think of any season or any trend—black is always included, and you simply can’t get rid of it. Why? It can help create an inviting, warm and welcoming feeling during the cooler seasons and add an elegant touch to your decor during the warmer ones. It’s timeless no matter the season. With subtle changes here and there, you can use black in your home interior all year round.

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You can use it as an accent color.

If the perfect accent color was a thing, it’d be the color black. When you hear “pop of color,” black probably isn’t the first color you think of, but when placed in the right area and with the right colors, it can be. Don’t think too hard on accent pieces. You can use simple things like black clocks or wall art to make a statement.

Black pairs well with any color.

Let’s face it, black literally goes with any color known to man. Pair it with red for a daring effect, gold for a luxurious vibe, white for a contemporary and chic look, and brown for a comforting feel; the list goes on and on. Because it’s such an adaptable color, you can use it to create an aesthetic space that flaunts your style, whatever that may be.

Decorating With Black Decor

There are endless amounts of ways to decorate with black. However, keep in mind that using too much black can become overpowering and even affect your mood. That’s why using black in a strategic way will have a greater impact on your home and dress it up, not down.

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Window Trim

Black window trim is eye-catching and takes your windows from average to extraordinary. Not only that, but it helps ground and anchor any room while also offering a customized look. Whether your aesthetic is modern and minimal or leans more vintage, decorating with a black window trim against light-colored walls will add contrast and make your windows the focal point.

Accent Walls

Painting is the best way to add a huge impact with little effort, especially on your walls. One of the easiest ways to incorporate black into your home interior is by creating an accent wall. Accent walls transform your interior space and are a great idea to set the tone of your home.

Stylish Accessories

Black stylish accessories are where using this color as an accent comes in handy. While your room may be colored in neutrals, consider adding black coffee table books, candles, vases, picture frames, knickknacks, and more. This will help you add that bold touch you’re looking for and serve as a “pop of color.”


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