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Organize Woven Storage Baskets

Too Much Stuff? Declutter by Hiding Woven Storage Baskets in Plain Sight With These 5 Ideas

August 24, 2023 at 6:07 PM PST
Organize Woven Storage Baskets

Too Much Stuff? Declutter by Hiding Woven Storage Baskets in Plain Sight With These 5 Ideas

August 24, 2023 at 6:07 PM PST

Is your home full of unused decor and other items you don’t know what to do with? Cramming some of that stuff into woven storage baskets is a great way to declutter your home and add a textural element to your design scheme. By using these baskets, you can hide your belongings in plain sight. Buy an oversized basket and put a few items in it so they’re virtually invisible unless standing overhead. If you don’t want them seen at all, once you’ve filled your basket, toss a throw blanket on top for expert concealment. While hiding what’s inside is easy, how can you incorporate these baskets in your home without disrupting your decor? Home and Texture has the inspiration you need so that you can find new ways to camouflage woven baskets in your space.

Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba

Hang them up.

These woven storage baskets are chic, charming, and made for this room. This hanging storage basket and matte black rack combination perfectly complements the wooden elements and boho styling. Each basket looks to have enough storage space to fit several small to medium-sized items. Since the console also adds storage, these baskets can pass for more of a decorative element than a decluttering tool. For even better camouflaging in your home, try placing the rack in a walled-off corner.

Photo Credit: Spacejoy

Add a throw.

A throw blanket tops this wooden basket, so there’s no guessing what’s inside. Similarly to the previous example, the gorgeous combination of wooden elements, muted colors, and plush greenery tie this room together. The various decorative accents distract from the presence of the basket and allow it to appear as a unified piece of this home’s interior puzzle.

Photo Credit: Nathan Fertig

Tuck it away.

Did you notice the woven basket in the corner, tucked behind the ottoman and hidden by the couch? If it weren’t for the floor lamp directly above it and its yellow hue, your eyes might have glanced over this basket. The pillow on top, we imagine, isn’t a styling choice but an effort to keep out a furry friend. Perhaps this basket stores throw blankets, so it’s intended to stand out just a little.

If you’re going for this look in your home, it’s best to find a basket that matches the legs of the couch or the base of the lamp to keep your basket out of focus.

Photo Credit: Shche_team

Use them as decorative elements.

Every element of this bedroom is seamless and effortless. The gorgeous textural elements each call your attention without overdoing the look. There are so many woven elements that without the baskets, the right side of this space would appear incomplete. Instead of complementing the foremost colors in the room, the baskets match the secondary accent shades. The richness of the comforter and folding divider elevates this space from drab to fab. With an open design, there’s no hiding what’s in these baskets.

Photo Credit: Andrea Davis

Opt for a bigger size.

This gigantic storage basket holds firewood in this warm, cozy cabin space. Beneath an angled wall, this woven basket takes up a lot of surface area that might have been empty otherwise. Deep and seemingly durable, a basket of this size can hold anything from toys to anything you’re not using but want to hold onto. The wooden finishes, greenery, and brown furniture and accents help this basket blend right in. The contents are also a similar hue, which helps to keep the space cohesive.

Although woven storage baskets are lovely for any home, they most ideally complement boho interior design styles and styles that prioritize including natural elements. Nevertheless, woven storage baskets are available in other colors and materials, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding the perfect match for your decor.


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