How To Create A Functional Space You And Your Roommates Can All Love
Article Decorate Sponsored All Vibes Welcome: How To Create A Functional Space You And Your Roommates Can All Love

All Vibes Welcome: How To Create A Functional Space You And Your Roommates Can All Love

July 3, 2023 at 6:04 PM PST

Depending on where you are– both physically in the world, and in your own personal journey– the likelihood of having to split the rent with a couple of other adults in 2023 and beyond is pretty big right now. In order for that to work, everyone has to have ample amounts of space and respect for each other’s boundaries.

But regardless of your floorplan, you and your roommates will inevitably share certain communal spaces and household items– which means coming to an agreement about how to furnish and decorate these spaces. Here are a few items that will give your home character while also being functional enough to suit everyone’s needs and neutral enough to fit any personality or style.

1. An Abundance of Storage… But Make It Classy.
Sharing your living space often means either having to haul your personal items back and forth from your bedroom to the room you’re lounging in, arguing with your roommate about clutter, chaos or mess; or one person or more having to bend to the other roommate’s style aesthetic.

Beautiful statement pieces like the Springwood Cane TV Stand or Oaklee TV Stand – both by Better Home & Gardens– offer enough discrete storage options for each person to have space for their things, while also elevating your home’s decor.

Add in smaller pieces like The Home Edit’s Bulrush Modular Storage System– a collection of natural, woven bins available in complimentary medium and narrow options– for another creative way to keep everyone’s things conveniently accessible, yet out of the way.

2. Make Your Kitchen A Design Focal Point
Whether you’re bringing a new roommate into your present home or you’re moving into a new space together, the kitchen is simply not a place where it makes sense to have multiple sets of appliances, tools and accessories. If you can’t agree on whose kitchen set to keep, or if you simply want a fresh start, today’s housewares offer a variety of stylish options that will not only help you get your grub on, but keep your kitchen “company ready” at all times.

Those options are no longer limited to tableware that can also be used decoratively, as is the case with the White Oval Stoneware Casserole Dish or Gold Satin Flatware Set from Sofia Home by Sofia Vergara. They now also include countertop appliances! Check out this gorgeous gold-trimmed microwave or this 5-in-1 Electric Expandable Skillet, both from Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful collection.

Even cookware like this 12pc Ceramic Non-Stick Set, also from Drew Barrymore, can be fly in 2023!

3. Turn Your Bathroom Into A Sanctuary, Not A War Zone
Bathrooms might be the most difficult space to share with another person. And as difficult as it can be to do so harmoniously with your sibling or significant other, sharing a bathroom with your roommate can be challenging, to say the least. And just as is the case with every other shared space we’ve discussed, the quickest way to make your bathroom a place of peace rather than a place of conflict is to come to a consensus about decor and storage.

While you may not want to share bath linens with your roommates, you can use plush, textured towels to give your bathroom an air of luxury. Add to the high-end hotel experience with accessories like this Faux Marble Soap Pump or this Matte Black Ceramic and Cork Lotion Pump, both by Better Homes & Garden.

And whether your storage area is on open shelves, behind cabinet doors or under your bathroom sink, you can turn to The Home Edit once again for organizational solutions that not only offer each roommate their own designated storage, but also help you to maximize the amount of space you have. From this 5-Piece Clear Laundry Organizing System, which can easily house soap, hair care products or other personal items to this 10 Piece Bath Edit Plastic Modular Storage System, designed to hide away all of your bath and body trinkets and knick knacks, the possibilities are virtually endless.



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