7 Bathroom Gadgets to Bring Your Toilette Into the 21st Century
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7 Bathroom Gadgets to Bring Your Toilette Into the 21st Century

February 11, 2023 at 10:30 AM PST

Flash back to the 1960s when the popular cartoon the Jetsons dominated TV ratings and captured viewers’ hearts with its futuristic, architectural and technological advancements. The cartoon made headlines in 1962 as the first program by ABC to be broadcast in color. The out-of-this-world gadgetry ranged from flying cars to robot vacuums to a food-serving machine called the “foodarackacycle.” While the closest thing we have to food-serving machines today is Uber Eats and DoorDash, we have made many technological advancements in the 21st century, especially when it comes to home design.

In 2023, there are plenty of at-home gadgets and gizmos designed to make our lives easier and more streamlined. Since we spend a lot of time grooming in the mirror and recharging in the bathtub, we at Home & Texture wanted to specifically focused on tech for the bathroom. With today’s top-rated tech, you can turn your bathroom from blasé to a state-of-the-art and cutting-edge oasis.

Just imagine – temperature controlled sinks, self-cleaning garbage cans and smart scales that connect to an app on your phone. These apparatuses will have you blocking out time on your calendar just to sit back and relax in the bathroom. Think smart, simple and efficient. A high tech bathroom does not only save you time but even money. Say goodbye to purchasing toilet tissue (the average American spends $182 on toilet paper each year!) and hello to savings with a smart toilet. Check out these bathroom gadget must haves, but fair warning, when you discover these items, you’ll want to add them to your bathroom ASAP.

Best Bathroom Gadgets

1Toothbrush Holder and Dispenser

The beauty of a toothbrush holder and dispenser is that it’s handsfree. Tech is all about streamlining processes, and a toothbrush and dispenser combo does just that for your morning or before-bed routine. It will keep your toothbrush and toothpaste neat and tidy, as well as hygienic and organized. It's also conveniently mounted on your wall so it won’t take up much space.

2Shower Speaker

We all love a long shower or restful bath set to your favorite playlist. One bathroom tech must-have is a waterproof shower speaker. The best shower speakers are handsfree with a long battery life, a built-in mic and a suction-cup back that allows it to mount on any wall or shower door. Endless tunes here you come!

3LED Mirror

LED mirrors are all the rage with smart home enthusiasts. Smart mirrors, like this one from Zelieve, have ample features including anti-fog technology, dimmer lights, touch control and smart memory functionality that remembers the brightness that you prefer. Another bonus is that the beautiful design of LED mirrors adds a modern touch to your bathroom decor.

4Smart Scale

Smart scales are essentially like having a personal nutritionist right in your home bathroom. More than just weight, they measure BMI, body fat, subcutaneous fat, body water, protein, BMR and body age. Smart scale technology is known for its high accuracy and quality, so you are sure to get accurate results to direct your fitness routine. One cool feature is that smart scales can sync with a number of fitness apps so that you can keep track of your health efforts daily.

5Waterproof TV

The great thing about a waterproof TV is that it allows you to connect or disconnect as much as you want in your bathroom. Run water for a relaxing, bubble bath and watch your favorite TV show, or as you get ready for your day, check the weather to determine what to wear. Many waterproof TVs like this one, change to an LED mirror when switched off and come with features such as bluetooth and touch screen capabilities. They’re designed for humid spaces so no need to worry about water or heat damage!

6Temperature Control Faucet

Another great gadget for your bathroom is a smart or temperature controlled faucet. These types of faucets let you know the temperature of your water with either a temperature display screen or temperature control LED lights. This option is simple to install, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing to look at with its waterfall view.

7Smart Trash Can

Automatic trash cans make bathroom upkeep easier. They are handsfree and motion censored. With a wave of your hand, the lid automatically opens and in your trash goes. They quickly open and close and their compact design allows them to fit in the tiniest spaces. Some smart trash cans, like this one from the aDeerElf Store, even come with an aromatherapy diffuser to freshen up the space.



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