Gifts For New Homeowners: The Ultimate Buy Black Guide
Bath Bedroom Buy Black Guide For New Homeowners

Gifts For New Homeowners: The Ultimate Buy Black Guide

February 6, 2023 at 5:39 PM PST
Bath Bedroom Buy Black Guide For New Homeowners

Gifts For New Homeowners: The Ultimate Buy Black Guide

February 6, 2023 at 5:39 PM PST

Gifts for new homeowners can be challenging to find. Fortunately, there are plenty of Black-owned brands willing to help.

Black homeownership is not only a financial investment, it is an invaluable part of Black heritage and the Black experience. From the days of Reconstruction, when former slaves could own their own homes for the first time, to the housing market of today, Black homeownership has been—and continues to be—a source of pride and progress for the many in the Black community.

The struggle for economic security was one of the primary goals during Reconstruction and subsequent civil rights movements, with access to homeownership being at the forefront. However, due to systemic racism in lending practices, many African Americans have faced barriers that prevent them from achieving this goal.

But despite these difficulties, there are still many organizations and support systems striving to provide assistance and resources needed so that more Black men and women can join the ranks of homeowners.

The Importance of Supporting Black Businesses

The importance of supporting Black businesses has never been more evident than it is today. In an increasingly diverse society, it is vital that we make sure to foster and sustain the economic growth of such communities. And supporting Black-owned businesses can help do just that.

Because there is still a very large disparity in access to capital and resources between the Black community and others, supporting Black-owned businesses can help level the playing field. Buying from Black businesses helps stimulate the local economy, which results in additional investments within those areas and wider financial benefits across all sectors of society. On top of that, it helps build strong and sustainable relationships between customers and entrepreneurs, creating a more cohesive society.

We all have the power to make a difference in our local communities and beyond by supporting Black-owned businesses. By doing so, we are not only ensuring that those businesses succeed but also investing in the prosperity of the Black collective future. So why not support Black-owned businesses to create an environment of economic opportunity for everyone?

Must-Have Black-owned Gifts For New Homeowners

Black homeownership is an important milestone for members of the Black community and a cornerstone of economic justice. By investing in Black-owned businesses, we are creating jobs, generating wealth within minority communities, and helping to close the racial wage gap. Take a look at the ultimate buy Black new homeowner gift guide:

Edloe Finch – Nora Dining Chair, Blue

Courtesy: Edloe Finch

The Nora Dining Chairs from Edloe Finche are a stylish combination of classic design and modern functionality. Their top-notch construction features solid wood, rattan and heavy duty steel. The tubular frame is robust yet flexible enough for comfortable rocking while you enjoy time spent entertaining friends at the table. With its luxurious velvet seat covering, this set exudes glamour – perfect for any retro dining setting!

Expedition Subsahara – Taya Storage Basket

Courtesy: Expedition Subsahara

This magnificent hamper basket has been crafted through centuries of Senegalese weaving know-how. Rich in culture and tradition, it was woven using intricate techniques with locally acquired elephant grass as well as recycled plastic for an added touch of texture. This artisanal Taya is perfect to store away toys, blankets or pillows – even your laundry!

Goodee – The Rowley Ripple (Two Pint)

Courtesy: Goodee

Perfect your gardening and planting skills with this all-inclusive metal watering can. Crafted for precision, it features a long curved spout that guarantees accuracy when tending to tender seedlings or smaller plants. And if you want even more control, there’s always the detachable oval brass rose! Select from either steel green or copper color options – beautifully presented in a premium gift box!

Dressing Room Interiors – Slate Blue Bola Pillow

Courtesy: Dressing Room Interiors

Made from polyester, this steel blue pillow is not only soft, but chic as well. It makes for a great statement piece for any bedroom, living room, or college dorm. But you better act fast, this limited edition pillow is selling quickly!

54kibo – Teal Blue Wool Tufted Rug

Courtesy: 54kibo

Behold the hand tufted wool rug, crafted with a carefully interwoven design that creates stunning triangle shapes. This alluring masterpiece is manufactured in Fowwa, Egypt, an idyllic village located near the picturesque Nile Delta. When you step on this contemporary hand tufted wool rug and sink your toes into its velvety softness, you can feel comfort enveloping you! Not only will it offer unparalleled coziness but it also brings a unique touch of history and tradition to any living space thanks to its sleek pattern and warm texture.

Modish Decor Pillows – The Hazel Velvet Cut II Pillow: Luxe Edition 

Courtesy: Modish Decor Pillows

Transform your home or office into a luxurious oasis with the Hazel Velvet Cut II! This elegant decorative pillow can be effortlessly coordinated with any additional blankets to create an inviting atmosphere. Made from velvet, it also adds a touch of texture to your space, making it the perfect buy for maximalists, too.

Bolé Road Textiles – Accra Shower Curtain, Sage

Courtesy: Bole Road Textiles

Enhance your bathroom with a modern flair! The sage Accra Shower Curtain features an inviting green color palette that can transform it into an at-home spa. Its hand spun cotton base is flecked with dotted rows for added texture.

Plus, each shower curtain is handmade by Ethiopian artists, so you can expect only the best in quality! To complete the look, pair it with the coordinating Karo Bath Mat for added comfort and style.

Made x Hands – Changra Throw Blanket, Blue

Courtesy: Made x Hands

Changra, the native breed of cashmere goat from Kashmir, are raised in rugged Himilayan plateaus reaching up to 14,000 feet. The freezing temperatures here stimulate their ultra-soft undercoat which is then hand spun into yarn and dyed by hand using only botanical dyes. As a result, each throw is made with a higher level of softness than machine versions since they are painstakingly woven on wooden looms and finished off with handmade fringes. Generously sized for maximum comfort, the Changra Throw Blanket is sure to bring you unparalleled warmth!



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