5 Modern Bathroom Faucets To Elevate Your Space
Bath Mixing Metals

5 Modern Bathroom Faucets To Elevate Your Space

March 3, 2023 at 7:56 PM PST
Bath Mixing Metals

5 Modern Bathroom Faucets To Elevate Your Space

March 3, 2023 at 7:56 PM PST

Believe it or not, mixing metals in your bathroom and throughout your home has gotten popular over the last few years. Designers and homeowners alike have been pushing the creative envelope to achieve a more personalized look in their homes.



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We’re not saying that a single, uniform look is no longer in style, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to experiment. The end results can leave you speechless.

One of the cool things about being a homeowner is having the ability to renovate and decorate whenever you want to. Time and money aside, it’s a creative way to make your home an extension of your personality.  Home & Texture had the opportunity to chat with Nikki Klugh, the CEO and Principal Designer of Nikki Klugh Design Group. The group prides itself on making unique, one-of-a-kind, luxurious sanctuaries out of their client’s homes and spaces.

What Experts Say

“Mixing metals in any room of your home can be done in an interesting and cohesive way by sticking to three general rules of thumb,” Klugh confirmed.

Here are some tips she wants us to consider for mixing metals:

  • Select both warm tones (antique bronze, antique brass, gold) and cool tones (polished chrome, stainless steel) with black being considered neutral.
  • Place these metal tones together to ensure they complement one another. Be sure to examine samples in person before committing to the look.
  • Use one as the primary metal tone throughout the space with the second as an accent. For example, polished chrome plumbing fixtures with antique gold cabinetry hardware or black framed mirror.

Mixing And Matching Metals


We’ve found a few eye-catching faucets that will continue to pique your interest in how to mix metals and bring a beautiful, new aesthetic to your bathroom and home. Check them out below.

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Silver Porcelain Bathroom Faucet

We've probably all lived in a home that has the classic, silver porcelain bathroom faucets and fixtures. However, the Metropolitan Chrome Widespread faucet from Kingston Brass offers a slightly newer update from the previous faucets we were accustomed to. With the cross handles set in white ( or gray if you decide to pick the other color option), cooler colors such as blue, purple, and green will give your bathroom an enriched, visual upgrade. Even other neutral colors such as black and gray can give your bathroom a color contrast that is aesthetically pleasing to you and your home. Consider playing with a nautical theme to really make those vintage, cross-shaped handles stand out.

Dual-Tone Single Bathroom Faucet

Now, if you have been pondering the idea of mixing metals in your bathroom but are cautious because you may not have the technical skills or patience to do it yourself, this one is for you. This scratch-resistant bathroom faucet from Modern Kitchen is the answer. Decked out in white ceramic with gold, you can redecorate your bathroom starting with this faucet. Because this faucet also incorporates a white ceramic base, you can add warm metals like copper, brass, and of course, gold. You have to love that this faucet does a lot of the heavy assembling that comes with upgrading your bathroom.

Oil Rubbed Bronzed Bathroom Faucet

What a stunner, right? If you are looking to give your bathroom more of an old country feel, this faucet may inspire you to mix some metals. This bathroom faucet by Parlos Home is made with brass. Brass is considered a warm metal so colors such as yellow, brown, and red will make your mixed metals stand out the best. While your mind might be racing about the design possibilities, can we take a minute to admire this sophisticated finish? It's so hard to ignore how the brass is slightly peeking from the bottom and neck of the faucet. If you adore wicker or love big, basin sinks that are in warm colors, this will be a match made in heaven.

Brushed Nickel High-Arc Faucet

On the outside, this faucet may appear to be your regular everyday bathroom faucet. But looks can be deceiving. This widespread, LED faucet from Allen + Roth bridges a modern take with a contemporary design. If you look closer at the tip of this faucet you will see a slight color change. The color change looks like a faint gold-ish hue that sets off the nickel color of the faucet itself. You can think outside the box with this faucet and consider adding dark-colored fixtures to offset the nickel coloring. No matter how your bathroom is decorated now, a few mixed metals will give the appearance of having a total makeover.

Bronzed Widespread Faucet

This Mediterranean bronze widespread metal faucet from Moen Banbury is sleek and chic. You'll be surprised at the number of bathroom fixtures you'll be able to pair with this beauty. As you can see, this faucet is dark with an oil-type finish that is due to its spot-resist coating. The special coating makes the cleanup time a breeze, and it will give your sink an added nice, natural, and healthy shine. This faucet will pair well with gold accents and fixtures. If you are interested, try adding a gold metal sink stopper to complete the look. Your bathroom will razzle and dazzle for years to come.

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