These 5 Dutch Ovens Add The Right Amount of Bougie Flair to Your Kitchen
Hosting Kitchen Best Dutch Ovens

These 5 Dutch Ovens Add The Right Amount of Bougie Flair to Your Kitchen

February 3, 2023 at 9:30 AM PST
Hosting Kitchen Best Dutch Ovens

These 5 Dutch Ovens Add The Right Amount of Bougie Flair to Your Kitchen

February 3, 2023 at 9:30 AM PST

Looking for some of the best Dutch ovens on the market today? Home & Texture’s got you covered!

You might have heard of a Dutch oven for the first time in your grandmother’s kitchen or during the holidays when an aunt delivered a savory dish. The heavy pot with a lid actually originated in The Netherlands in the 17th century. At the time, it was made of expensive materials like copper and brass. Nowadays, dutch ovens are often made from cast iron, enameled aluminum and an assortment of ceramics. The Dutch were esteemed craftsmen, so it’s no wonder that they are responsible for some of the world’s finest cookware.

Dutch ovens are often used to make casseroles, soups, stews, sauces and breads. They come in various sizes, from tiny to extremely massive, which allows you to truly tailor the size of your meal to the number of mouths you are feeding. The good thing is that you will find them pretty much everywhere that cookware is sold.

The versatile cooking tool allows you to braise, boil, bake, brown, roast and deep fry all kinds of food. It also evenly distributes heat, has a self-basting lid and lasts a lifetime because of its cast iron components. A few other fun facts to know: Dutch ovens are commonly used for campfire cooking, and they can actually be stacked on top of each other while cooking!

We took the guesswork out of finding a quality Dutch oven and found five of the best, high-end Dutch ovens that will instantly elevate your kitchen and take your chef skills to the next level!

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1Made In Cookware Dutch Oven

Esteemed for its durability and its ability to retain heat, this Dutch oven will instantly elevate your kitchen while adding a pop of bright red. (It also comes in black or white if you’d prefer something more subtle.) This nonstick oven is easy to clean and cooks almost anything. So you won’t need a lot of your pots and pans anymore! Another added bonus is that the Made In brand is led by multi-generational, family-owned manufacturers and employs French artisans with decades of cast iron experience. So quality is a guarantee!

2Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron

Selected as “Amazon’s Choice” Dutch oven, Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron is rated five stars for its charming and regal aesthetic. However, it’s not just its design that merits the high reviews but also its performance. The lid locks in flavor and ensures even distribution of heat and moisture. The interior enamel promotes caramelization and prevents food from burning. Customers have even noticed that the quality of their food is better after cooking in this Dutch oven. You will be proud to add this oven to your luxury kitchen collection!

3Segretto Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up tons of dirty dishes after a good meal. The Segretto 4.57 quart Dutch oven is nonstick, which means clean up is simple. The thick walls add extra protection, prevent rust and iron leaching and can handle up to 500 degrees of heat! You will love this attractive and sturdy Dutch oven so much, it will be an easy gift idea for family and friend for birthdays and holidays!

4Hystrada Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Perfect for cooking, baking and frying, the Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven is flawless both inside and out. This versatile Dutch oven can handle gas, electric and ceramic stoves, and the wide handles allow for an easy and comfortable grip. The cast iron also retains heat, which means it will keep your food warm and make for a great serving pan at parties.

5Spice by Tia Mowry Savory Saffron Dutch Oven

This Dutch oven is part of actress Tia Mowry's cookware and dinnerware line. Spice by Tia Mowry's Dutch oven will add a timeless and classic touch to your kitchen. With just the right amount of bougie, the Savory Saffron Cast Iron Dutch Oven has a glossy enamel finish that makes for an easy clean. You'll also find a stainless steel knob and a unique exterior marked by embossed patterns. This Dutch oven comes in teal, aqua blue and gray and is known for evenly cooking all types of food. Its five star ratings definitely attest to its nickname: the one-pot wonder.




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