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Garden Black Homesteaders Online

Black Homestead Accounts To Follow on Social Media

May 25, 2023 at 9:07 PM PST
Garden Black Homesteaders Online

Black Homestead Accounts To Follow on Social Media

May 25, 2023 at 9:07 PM PST

There is a growing number of Black homestead and survivalist accounts that are using social media to show the public how they are thriving. But being a Black homesteader is not as easy or pretty as it sounds.

Maintaining a big garden is a lot of work, so imagine what it’s like to have a farm. However, the Black homesteaders online continue to share tips that are making more homeowners interested in investing time and resources into joining the homestead culture.

Here are a few Black homestead accounts to follow on social media to learn more about farm life and living off of the land.

The Prolific Familystead

There is nothing this urban-rural family can’t grow. They teach their followers how to grow food, make their own compost, and maintain a healthy, fruitful garden that can feed an entire community. One of the best tips this account shared was using banana peels as fertilizers. If you have indoor or outdoor plants, you can benefit from their gardening advice and hacks.

1991 Greenery

This account is run by Hillary Coleman who teaches you how to maintain your garden. She also helps you understand the importance of vermicomposting. You’ll put your fears of worms away to the side once you conceptualize how they can make your garden happy and healthy.

Black Homesteader

This account specializes in vegan recipes, gardening, and prepping while living the farm life. They also tally up other Black homesteaders and build community with aspiring Black homesteaders as well. If you are into jarring and learning how to prep food that will last, you may want to give this account a follow.

Black People Grow

If you want to follow a Black homestead community, then you need to give this account a follow, too. With over 43,000 followers, you can find other Black homesteaders by region, state, or city. It’s great to find a community online that shares both big and small Black homestead content creators, and this social media page will inspire you.

Veladya Organica

Veladya Organica shares her farm life on YouTube. She also teaches mindfulness and shares holistic lifestyle tips for expecting and new mothers. Her garden is a beautiful mix of flowers, vegetables, and herbs because she makes her own tea. She focuses a lot on harvesting and how to ensure your garden can return after its season is finished.


@turnerbrit So far so good! Im excited to be starting my very own garden 🌱 What else should I try to grow? #homesteading #homestead #homesteadtoktok #homesteadlife #homesteadtiktok #homesteader #blackhomesteader #blackfarmers #gardening #growingveggies #growingvegetables #gardening101 #gardentok ♬ original sound – turnerbrit

If you are a beginner when it comes to gardening or Black farm life, you should give this account a look. She teaches aspiring Black green thumbs who have no experience with how to grow their food. She also educates by sharing how to learn different soil types and which vegetable newbies should start with to level up their gardening skills.

These accounts are as wholesome as they are educational, and they will make you feel like you too can live on a farm.



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