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interior design Celebrity Collections

7 Celebrity Home Design Collections and Collabs to Shop Right Now

September 9, 2023 at 2:00 AM PST
interior design Celebrity Collections

7 Celebrity Home Design Collections and Collabs to Shop Right Now

September 9, 2023 at 2:00 AM PST

While you are probably familiar with several celebrity collections across beauty and fashion, did you know that some of Hollywood’s most famous dabble in home decor? From Reese Witherspoon to Lenny Kravitz, these home brands and collaborations represent their tastes and styles down to the very last detail. A nod to who they are outside of what they do for a living, each of their products embodies the people, places, moments, and things that inspire them. Some charming and chic, others edgy and ultramodern, anyone who wants to give their home the VIP treatment needs to get the inside scoop on this homeware, and Home & Texture is here to give it to you. Here are seven celebrity home design collections and collaborations to shop right now.

Photo Credit: @draperjames / Instagram

Draper James by Reese Witherspoon

Draper James by award-winning actress and producer Reese Witherspoon is an homage to her Southern heritage. Specifically, the brand honors her grandparents, who instilled in her the spirit of grace and the values of Southern living. They taught her many things, including the importance of taking pride in your home. Draper James is an apparel and home store with locations in Nashville, Tennessee, and Lexington, Kentucky. The name comes from her grandparents, Dorothea Draper and William James.

In the home section, you’ll see candles, rugs, table runners, mugs, napkins, placemats, duvets, throw blankets, and more.

Photo Credit: @kravitz_design / Instagram

Kravitz Design x CB2

Creativity takes on several forms, and this celebrity collaboration truly captures the multifaceted essence of being an artist. Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and actor Lenny Kravitz’s CB2 collection reflects the soulful, nomadic life. Inspired by a global aesthetic, the collection embraces prints and natural textures paired with polished accents, developed exclusively by his design studio, Kravitz Design. It draws on his experiences around the world, particularly the rich heritage of African textiles.

Each piece encapsulates livable luxury. You’ll see dining tables, lounge chairs, lamps, ottomans, nightstands, bath mats, media consoles, and more.

Photo Credit: @Saintheron / Instagram

Small Matter Objects by Solange Knowles

Small Matter Objects by multidisciplinary artist Solange Knowles from her brand Saint Heron masters stepping outside your comfort zone. Small Matter’s designs embrace and support the leisure of daily routine. Their hand-blown glassware collection encourages thoughtful curation and reverence of Black art within the home space. Each piece engages the unique properties of glass, such as its ability to reflect, mirror, and refract the colors within its surrounding environment.

In short, the collection focuses on aesthetic expressions of traditional, experimental, and intuitive design for all. You’ll see glassware crafted in different forms, shapes, and sizes or similar forms, shapes, and sizes, but everything exudes a sense of autonomy and fluidity.

Photo Credit: @Pura / Instagram

James Harden x Pura

Basketball legend James Harden collaborated with perfumer Laurent Bruyere to create his Pura scent collection. As he’s known for his stylish flair on and off the court, the NBA star’s fragrances play on his penchant for taking risks in daring ways.

Both scents, 13-relaxation and 13-confidence, honor Harden’s former jersey number, which he held his entire career until joining the Philadelphia 76ers in 2021. Feel a burst of energy with 13-relaxation’s fresh apple, petitgrain, and woody grapefruit notes, while 13-confidence empowers you to win boldly with star anise, ginger oil, and fresh ocean marine accord.

Photo Credit: @Houseplant / Instagram

Houseplant by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

Actor, comedian, and filmmaker Seth Rogen’s house goods and cannabis brand is the sole subject of his TikTok account. A pottery enthusiast, Rogen designs some pieces in his living room, while others come from designers across the globe. Houseplant focuses on designing elegant, sophisticated products to dispel stereotypes about people who enjoy a good joint. The line is groovy, free-spirited, and functional, embracing his sincere love for weed.

Where premium design meets high function, you’ll see ashtrays, vases, lighters, rolling trays, and more.

Photo Credit: @Cb2 / Instagram

Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow x CB2

You’ve likely seen Goop products in your local Sephora, but award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand goes beyond beauty. Inspired by the everyday moments that bring people together, Goop’s CB2 collaboration is chic and inviting. It prioritizes functionality and elegance through layered-quality pieces, driving home a sense of nostalgia. Each piece has its own story based on different places and times, like the Curvo pink velvet sofa crafted to fit in the company of Italian midcentury design.

Created with intention and careful attention to detail, you’ll see sofas, swivel chairs, benches, sconces, firewood totes, and more.

Photo Credit: @Homecourt / Instagram

Homecourt by Courteney Cox

Homecourt by actress Courteney Cox highlights home as a sanctuary. The home care brand is the product of her appreciation for the sense of calm and serenity that only a home can provide. What she offers aren’t simply custom fragrances and non-toxic cleansers but “beauty products for the home.” Everything’s made with love, care, and the ritual of returning home in mind.

Cox invites you to curate a space that feels, looks, and smells good. You’ll see candles, room deodorants, dish soap, surface cleaners, and more.



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