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DIY Charcuterie Christmas Tree

How to DIY the Charcuterie Christmas Tree TikTok Trend

December 26, 2023 at 3:36 PM PST

Charcuterie Christmas trees went viral on TikTok this holiday season, and we can’t get enough of the trend. The creative serving method swaps out the meticulously arranged boards of meats, cheeses, and fruits for festive styrofoam trees lined with toothpicks to display the delicious appetizers in style.

Here’s how you can DIY your own:

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There are multiple ways to create your charcuterie tree. People with plenty of guests to serve may want to go for a taller tree, while others might opt for minis. The most mouthwatering trees should include pairings that can satisfy various palates. Generally, you want to avoid uncommon combinations unless the tree is all for you. Though wooden slabs aren’t the centerpieces here, they’ll still come in handy as a base for crackers, dip, and other finger foods you don’t want on your tree.

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Before placing anything, wrap your styrofoam tree in plastic to adhere to food safety guidelines. Styrofoam should not be ingested, and skipping this foundational step could result in small particles entering your digestive tract. Though this is typically harmless, it could leave you and your guests with upset stomachs at the end of the night.

Remember that there are limitless arrangements for your tree. Whether placing toothpicks diagonally, vertically, horizontally, or even randomly, you can curate a gorgeous presentation. Be sure to fold your meats to add depth to avoid an incomplete look. Don’t overcrowd with too many options; around five is enough. Elevate the seasonal qualities of your tree with additions such as a pineapple star fruit topper, mini gingerbread men, or rosemary sprigs.

Keep things exciting with fruits and veggies of all colors for ultimate aesthetics. A monochromatic tree might sound like a good idea in theory. But although you may love pickles, green olives, and green grapes, always note that people eat with their eyes first.

With these tips, your charcuterie tree will definitely be a hit. You can build this stunning visual appetizer in less than an hour, making it ideal for relaxed get-togethers and extravagant dinner parties.



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