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Decorate Outdated Holiday Trends

5 Holiday Decorating Trends To Skip This Year

December 19, 2023 at 8:18 AM PST
Decorate Outdated Holiday Trends

5 Holiday Decorating Trends To Skip This Year

December 19, 2023 at 8:18 AM PST

It’s a no-brainer that decorations are a major part of the holidays. It’s a way to bring the holiday spirit into your homes and create a festive atmosphere. With decorations come holiday trends, but in this ever-evolving interior design space, there’s a huge difference between trendy and outdone. While some of your favorite holiday trends have upheld your yearly holiday spirit, it’s time to consider which trends are in and which are out. This year, refresh your decor and consider implementing a modern twist. To help you celebrate the holidays in style, we’ve laid out a list of outdated holiday trends to avoid in your home this year.

Inflatable Lawn Decorations

Listen, we get it. The Santa Claus and snowman inflatables were, at one time, something everyone had to include in their holiday decorations. This outdated holiday trend added personality, told a story, was fun, and really reflected your festive love and spirit for the holidays. Just like anything else that is outdated, there comes a time you have to let it go. Too many inflatables can make your yard lack intention and look cluttered.

To fix this, consider lawn decorations that aren’t too over the top. Lanterns that light your pathway, warm white lights that wrap around your pillars, or personalized door wreaths or signage that sit at your door to welcome guests. All these ideas are subtle but also reflect your excitement and love for the holidays.

Photo credit: Alsu Vershinina

Classic Red and Green Color Palette

While the traditional red and green color scheme will never truly go out of style, try something new this year. Opt for a color scheme that is more complementary to your current home decor. Yes, it can serve as a great pop of color in a home that lacks it, but implementing a modern twist makes your home feel more intentional.

If you’re a minimalist, then stay in that lane. Keep the holiday colors simple and tasteful to your personality. Maximalists, continue to go bold and go beyond tradition. Your holiday decor is what you make it and tells your personal story.

Themed Tableware

Plates, napkins, hand towels, mugs, and anything else you keep in your kitchen are pieces that bring in a fresh look. If it has a theme, pattern, or any illustration that is holiday-related, take it out of your shopping cart. Holiday decorations can be shown in various areas of your home, excluding your kitchen tableware. You can bring in festive charm without that bowl and plate set covered in snowmen and candy canes. Try to focus on the simple things. Add a touch of garland to your kitchen or dining table. Focus on small additions that can make a big statement, such as candles or table runners.

Old School Tree Skirts with Outdated Textures

Tree skirts provide a space to lay your presents, and while they’re still in nowadays, opt for something different that can elevate your tree. If classic textures like satin or velvet have carried you and your decor for years, a switch to contemporary style may be what you need. Collars are the modern twist you’ll need to ensure an up-to-date tree. They’ve replaced the traditional tree skirts due to popularity, and it’s pretty clear why. Not only do collars hide the base of your tree, but they also come in different materials and textures such as metals, woven baskets, wood, and more to suit your decorating style.

Photo credit: Thalia Ruiz

Colorful Lights

There’s no such thing as holiday decor without lights, but do they have to be so bright-colored? Bold and brilliant lights are fun, sometimes risky, and over the top. It may have worked before, but why not try something new and subtle? Warm white string lights offer a cohesive, clean look that makes your home look and feel magical.


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