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Hosting Guest Bedroom Tips

Home For the Holidays: 8 Tips For a Calming and Inviting Guest Bedroom

Keep your guests comfy and cozy with these easy tips to create a memorable experience.

December 26, 2023 at 4:00 PM PST

The season for hosting friends and family is in full effect. While some people booked hotels months in advance, others prefer to make themselves right at home, in your home. Depending on how long your loved ones will be in town, sharing your entire space can sometimes feel overwhelming and disruptive, so having a guest bedroom where visitors can comfortably retreat is essential. Here’s where to start:

Cozy winter bedding
Photography Credit: Ushindi Namegabe

Focus on comfortable bedding.

Clean, comfy bedding is a must for a great night’s sleep. Everyone’s preferences differ, but sheets made with breathable fabric, like cotton or linen, are the safest choice. For the comfiest experience, layer the bed with sheets, a duvet, and a throw blanket or quilt. Then, pile on those plush, fluffy pillows. As a final touch, mist the bedding in linen spray.

Be mindful of sunlight with a sleep mask or curtains.

Most bedrooms feature at least one window. Too much sunlight can sometimes give us a rude awakening. Hopefully, your guest bedroom windows have curtains or some other treatment. If not, provide your guest with a silk or satin sleep mask. Place this in view and let them know it’s for their use.

Place linens in view.

Maybe your guest bedroom has its own fully stocked bathroom. In that case, inform them of where they can find fresh linens. On the other hand, if you and your visitor will share one, set linens on the bed. Add a hamper to the bedroom or place one in a central location so they can easily place dirty laundry.

Lit citrus candle with grapefruit
Photography Credit: Karina Zhukovskaya

Make sure it smells good.

There’s nothing like coming home to a room that smells as clean as it looks. Set a few scented candles on a tray on the dresser or nightstand. Consider holiday fragrances or essential oil candles with wellness benefits. Think relaxation, comfort, and tranquility. Be sure to include a lighter, extinguisher, and wick cutter. For aesthetics, choose a matching set.

Provide water.

When you’re very familiar with your guest, this isn’t necessary. However, first-time visitors and others may not feel comfortable perusing around your kitchen or wherever you keep water at all hours. Providing a bottle or two helps to ensure hydration throughout the night and avoid any awkwardness.

Fill the room with a bit of entertainment.

If your guests are home alone or taking a moment of solitude, it’s ideal to have entertainment for them to enjoy. Whether a television, speaker, gaming system, books, or cards, incorporate something fun to grab.

Clothing on hangers
Photography Credit: Karolina Grabowska

Offer ample closet and drawer space.

Everyone doesn’t believe in packing light, so offer a lot of closet and drawer space. Stock these spaces with hangers and other necessities, and allow room for luggage storage.

Let them know where to find a snack.

We all know hotel minibars are expensive, but somebody’s eating those snacks. Although your home isn’t a resort, it’s nice to leave a bag of chips or two in the room in the event that holiday dinner is later than expected or everyone’s still getting ready before heading off to brunch.

With these tips, guests in your home will more than look forward to visiting you; they will appreciate your hospitality, too. Being known as a gracious host is a great compliment, and by providing such an experience, you can give the people you love a hotel quality stay.


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