Christmas Crafts For Kids To Enjoy
Community Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts For The Kids To Enjoy

December 21, 2023 at 1:35 PM PST
Community Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts For The Kids To Enjoy

December 21, 2023 at 1:35 PM PST

Tis the season for holiday desserts, wrapping gifts, sending out Christmas cards and good laughs around the warm fireplace. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there is so much to do in so little time, especially when you have to factor in kids.

A fun way to bring out artistic elements this holiday season is by having the kids participate in Christmas crafts. From homemade ornaments to themed gingerbread houses to paper reindeer, this is the perfect opportunity to get your kids into the Christmas spirit in a fun and creative way.

The best thing about crafting is that it’s a fun activity for all ages, from toddlers to kids to teens and adults. Grab your paper, markers, hot glue guns, pom poms, glue, candy, paint and other art materials! Here are ten Christmas crafts that your kids will love making.

Hot Coc0a Mason Jar

Everyone love a nice cup of hot chocolate! Have your kids make this fun Christmas craft to give out to teachers, neighbors, family members and others. Pictured: A cup of hot cocoa.

Have your kids create this fun and delicious Christmas craft, perfect for family members, friends, neighbors or your kid’s teachers. You’ll need a few things for this craft, including mason jars, packs of a tub of hot cocoa, peppermint or crushed-up candy canes, mini marshmallows and sprinkles. Layer the mason jar with your ingredients, starting with the hot cocoa at the bottom, then the peppermint, the marshmallows, and lastly, the sprinkles. Add the lid to the mason jar, tie it with a ribbon or bow and then add a gift tag to label it.

Waterless Snow Globe

A waterless snow globe is the perfect mess-free DIY Christmas craft for the kids. Pictured: A Christmas snow globe

Mess-free and fun, this craft is great for creating memories! Have your kids create their very own waterless snow globe with little Christmas accessories that they pick out. Utilize mini trees, fake snow, small snowmen, lights and whatever else their hearts desire. Glue the accessories into a mason or glass jar and you’re done! You can even decorate the outside for fun!

DIY Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are a perfect and easy craft for the kids to enjoy, requiring not that many materials. Pictured: An ornament

There’s nothing more festive than decorating the Christmas tree, but what about using handmade ornaments instead of store-bought ones? Have the kids decorate ornaments using paint, paper, glue, markers and other materials. They can either decorate plastic ones or make different shapes out of paper to create their ornaments. There are so many ways to get creative with this Christmas craft for the kids!

Paper Plate Snowmen and Reindeer

One of the most fond memories that every kid has of Christmas is making paper plate reindeer in the classroom. Why not make this a fun little activity to do at home too? Grab some white paper plates, color paper, pom poms, glue and markers to create a paper plate snowman or reindeer. Trace the lines on the paper and have the kids cut and glue and create their own designs.

DIY Wrapping Paper

DIY wrapping paper is a great Christmas craft for the kids to enjoy and will bring out their creative side. Pictured: A gift wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper

Save yourself a trip to the craft store by having the kids create their own DIY Christmas wrapping paper. Grab some paint and a roll of brown paper and have the kids get creative with this fun Christmas craft! Use it to wrap either their gifts or other’s gifts to show off their creation.

Grinch Slime

Kids absolutely love slime and Christmas, so why not combine the two? Make your very own Grinch slime with clear glue, saline solution, water, green food coloring, a heart charm and baking soda. Add your glue and water and heart charms to a bowl. Mix in food coloring and then add the slime activator (baking soda and saline solution). Mix well until it’s thickened and then play!

Popsicle Stick Wreath

Save some money buying an expensive wreath by having the kids create their own for the front door. Take a bunch of popsicle sticks and paint them green. Glue them together in the shape of a wreath and then tie a red bow to the top, Hang it on your door to showcase your kid’s perfect Christmas craft creation.

Rudolf Reindeer Jars

If your child is a fan of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, this Christmas craft is perfect! Grab a large mason jar, lots of brown glitter, brown pipe cleaners, adhesive wiggle eyes, and large red pom poms. Fill the jar up with the glitter, make the pipe cleaners in antler shapes and glue on the jar lid, stick the eyes on the middle and glue the red pom pom under the eyes. This craft is cute, creative and fun!

Christmas Candy Pots

Reindeer candy pots are a delicious and fun Christmas craft for the kids. Pictured: Candy

These cute little pots are fun and festive and make great table decorations. Stock up on a few small flower pots, adhesive wiggle eyes, red pom poms, brown pipe cleaners, glue, and your favorite Christmas candy (M&M’s, skittles or Hershey Kisses may work best). Glue the eyes and the pom pom (serving as the nose) to the outside of the pot. Shape the pipe cleaners to make them look like deer antlers. Pour your candy of choice into the pot and stick the antlers in the pot. This is a cute craft that can go on your desk at work or serve as decoration in your home.

DIY Balloon Wreath

Balloon wreaths are a fun way to make holiday decor with the kids while having a fun Christmas craft. Pictured: Balloons

Add some fun to your home with this DIY Balloon wreath Christmas craft. For this craft, grab a few green balloons and blow them up. Add in colors like red, pink, silver or gold for pops of color. Glue them together on a wreath frame using hot glue or super glue. Then either make or purchase a large bow and glue it at the top to make everything come together. Hang the wreath frame up and watch this craft creation bring your home to life. Adults, teens and kids will love getting creative with this.


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