9 Best Chartreuse Cocktails You Need To Try Out
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9 Delicious Chartreuse Cocktail Recipes You Must Give a Try

March 27, 2024 at 5:03 PM PST

Hello, lovers of cocktails! Let’s delve into the mysterious and intriguing world of Chartreuse cocktails, a French liqueur filled with hypnotic herbal notes. This isn’t your typical drink; only a select group of Carthusian monks have access to the precise combination of 130 herbs, flowers, and spices that have been used in its formula since the 17th century.

This mystery is carried through to the finished product: a strong, complex liqueur that comes in two colors—green (called Chartreuse Verte or Green Chartreuse) and yellow (called Yellow Chartreuse), each with a unique flavor profile. While Yellow Chartreuse gives a milder sweetness with traces of citrus and honey, Green Chartreuse is the bolder of the two, with distinct herbal bitterness and earthy undertones.

In the world of cocktails, chartreuse is an intriguing component because of its distinct character. Its inherent sweetness counterbalances bitter and sour components and its herbal depth can add intrigue a myriad of classic recipes. This essay will serve as your guide to discovering the delights of Chartreuse cocktails, regardless of your level of experience mixing drinks.

The Top 9 Chartreuse Cocktails You Must Taste

how to make chartreuse cocktails Pictured: Margaritas

The Carthusian monks, who have been making Chartreuse since 1605, said in a letter that went viral on social media in January 2023 that they would be reducing production and distributing their bottles so that they could spend more time in the monastic lifestyle of seclusion and prayer.

Of course, neither Chartreuse nor its enormous influence will completely vanish, but finding it will get harder than it already has. Therefore, we’ve got you covered if you’re fortunate enough to have one in stock and want to create something magical out of it. These are nine of our best recipes that call for Chartreuse, along with an alternative for those who are unable to locate a bottle. Let’s begin with the tried-and-true recipes that highlight Chartreuse’s versatility before venturing into the thrilling world of experimenting.

Classic Chartreuse Cocktails

The classics are the best location for newcomers to Chartreuse to start. These classic recipes highlight the liqueur’s flexibility and serve as a basis for further exploration.

The Last Word

Possibly the most well-known Chartreuse drink, this masterwork from the Prohibition era blends equal parts gin, maraschino liqueur, lime juice, and yellow Chartreuse. The outcome is a delightfully balanced beverage that combines sharp and sweet flavors, allowing the herbal notes of Chartreuse to come through.

The Bijou

This elegant drink truly lives up to its name, which translates to “jewel” in French. This classy after-dinner drink, which combines bulldog gin, sweet vermouth rosso, orange bitters, and green chartreuse, is strong but elegant and has a complex flavor profile. In a mixing glass with ice, combine all the ingredients and swirl until thoroughly cold. Pour through a strainer into a chilled glass, and if desired, top with a maraschino cherry.

The Alaska

A gin-based Martini with a hint of orange bitters and yellow chartreuse. In a mixing glass with ice, combine 30ml Bulldog Gin, 30ml Yellow Chartreuse, and one drop of orange bitters. Stir until thoroughly cold. Pour into a chilled tumbler or glass. Squeeze the lemon twist’s oil over the surface and then add it to the beverage. The outcome is a crisp, reviving cocktail with a little sweetness undertone and a lingering herbaceous aftertaste.

The V.E.P. (Very Exciting Person)

This tasty take on the Manhattan is made with rye whiskey. It combines sweet vermouth and Green Chartreuse, giving the traditional whiskey base a hint of herbal richness.

Honeysuckle Julep

A floral take on the classic Mint Julep, this drink is incredibly smooth and will always be a classic. In a rocks or Julep cup, muddle 2 white peach slices with 15ml honey syrup. Stir in 60ml Bulldog Gin, 10ml Yellow Chartreuse, and broken ice. To make a mound on top, add more crushed ice. Add a small slice of lemon and honeysuckle or any other sweet, aromatic flower as garnish.

Unique Chartreuse Cocktail Recipes

Are you in the mood for adventure? The realm of Chartreuse cocktails opens up a world of creative possibilities once you’ve mastered the classics. Here’s how to raise the bar on your chartreuse cocktails:

The Herbal Frontier

Chartreuse is an ideal ingredient for herbal liqueurs and infusions due to its inherent affinity for other botanical ingredients. For a Last Word variant, try replacing the gin with a herbaceous liquor like mezcal. You can even muddle fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary to add even more depth.

The Sweet and Sour Symphony

Chartreuse can give sour cocktails more nuance and complexity. Try it in mixed drinks such as Daiquiri or Margarita, substituting Chartreuse for part of the base spirit. The citrus sourness will be complemented by the herbal undertones, resulting in a genuinely distinctive flavor character.

The Smoky Embrace

Don’t be scared to investigate Chartreuse’s smoky side. The herbaceous sharpness of the liqueur can be fascinatingly counterbalanced by smoky mezcal or peated Scotch. Try making smokey drinks like the Boulevardier or Penicillin and add a dash of Chartreuse for a unique spin.

The Tropical Twist

Although chartreuse might not seem like a good fit for tropical beverages, its herbal undertones can give rum-based cocktails an unexpected depth of flavor. For a delicate yet intriguing herbal depth, try adding a little quantity of Green Chartreuse to a Daiquiri or Piña Colada.

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Chartreuse Cocktail

Here are some helpful hints to get you started on your journey with Chartreuse cocktails:

Quality Matters: Quality Is Important Considering that chartreuse is the star of the show, get a high-quality bottle if you intend to use it regularly.

Start Small: Reuse is a powerful tool. In your recipes, start with smaller portions and work your way up to your preferred amount.

Chill Out: It’s preferable to serve chartreuse cocktails cold. For your best pleasure, make sure your glassware and ingredients are cool.

Embrace The Garnish: Your Chartreuse drink can be made better with a thoughtful garnish. Try using citrus peels, a luscious maraschino cherry, or even herbs like rosemary or mint.

So, there you have it! With its unique herbal and earthy flavor profile, Chartreuse offers a world of delicious cocktail possibilities. You’ll be well on your way to creating remarkable Chartreuse cocktails that entice the palate and make an impression with a little imagination and some useful tips. Whether you’re a fan of the vegetal punch of green Chartreuse or the mellower notes of yellow, there’s a perfect Chartreuse cocktail out there waiting to be discovered. So next time you’re looking for a new and exciting drink to try, reach for that bottle of Chartreuse and get mixing! You might just be surprised at what you create.



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