Fill Your Child's Playroom With These Black-Owned Toys
Kid’s Room Playroom child’s playroom black-owned toys

Fill Your Child's Playroom With These Black-Owned Toys

February 21, 2023 at 9:26 PM PST
Kid’s Room Playroom child’s playroom black-owned toys

Fill Your Child's Playroom With These Black-Owned Toys

February 21, 2023 at 9:26 PM PST

Supporting Black-owned businesses is our priority all throughout the year, not just during Black History Month. Whether through professional services, clothing, food, home decor, or more, supporting Black business owners and brands is essential for circulating money in the community and uplifting the next generation of Black creators and entrepreneurs. 

Exposing the younger generation to brands they can see themselves in is part of uplifting them. This is the importance of children playing with toys from Black-owned brands. Intentionally curating your little one’s playroom with toys from Black makers is great for their entertainment. It also opens up opportunities for them to feel inspired and know there is no limit to what they can accomplish. 

Black-owned toy brands can be found in mega-retailers like Target and Amazon, making them easily accessible. You can also find Black-owned toy brands in your local toy stores. For example, Peace & RIOT in the Bed Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn is owned by a couple and is a great place to support Black-owned businesses. 

If you’re looking for Black-owned toy brands, read below for some of our favorites. 

Brown Toy Box 

Started by Terri-Nichelle Bradley in 2017, Brown Toy Box believes that all children should see themselves being positively represented in every space they enter. This educational toy company produces toys, media, and experiences celebrating Black children. Before starting Brown Toy Box, Bradley worked for over 20 years in marketing and public relations. Her specialty was in marketing to African-American mothers. A proud mother to four children, Bradley is also active in the Atlanta education and business community. 


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You can find Brown Toy Box products in Target stores across the country, independent toy stores and retailers, and on Amazon. 

Healthy Roots Doll

Yelitsa Jean-Charles never saw a doll that looked like her growing up, so she decided to make one. During her Junior year at Rhode Island School of Design as an illustration student, Jean-Charles redesigned the character Rapunzel as a brown girl with beautiful, textured hair. She was inspired to start Healthy Roots Doll to provide more diverse toys to children. 

Zoe was the brand’s first doll; now, there are others with diverse facial features, hair textures, and skin tones. Each doll comes with a story of their multiple aspirations to expose young girls to the endless possibilities they can accomplish. 

Playtime Edventures 

Created by Kevin Gatling in Charlotte, NC, this brand offers a unique type of toy: playtime bedsheets. Gatline originally created Playtime Bed Sheets for hospitalized children and those in shelters. He realized that they benefit children everywhere and expanded his brand. Playtime Bed Sheets and Slumber Bags have over 60 interactive games for children to play, learn, explore, and sleep on. 


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The Playtime Ultimate Games Gift Set comes with 125 interactive games. It’s the perfect addition to your child’s playroom or slumber party. 

Lily Frilly 

This brand will inspire your little one to go after their dreams. The founder and CEO (Cutest Executive Officer), Lily Adeleye, is seven years old and started her brand because she loves all things girly. With the help of her mom, Lily Frilly came to fruition. 


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The Lily Frilly slime is great for sparking creativity in your child. They can build, mold, and sculpt whatever they want with the slime. 


Another young entrepreneur brand, Inklings, was created in 2020 by Lauren and Joshua. They created the brand after being tired of playing family card games. Inklings is a card game that can be enjoyed with the entire family while your child gets better at math. 


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The brand donates 5% of its profits to support LearnServe youth change makers. The young entrepreneur duo wanted to support LearnSearve to help others grow as social entrepreneurs. 

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Shop picks from Black-owned toy brands

Playtime Bed Sheets Twin Set

Designed for kids and teenagers, this bedding was originally created by passionate teachers and parents for children in hospitals. It is now used by children everywhere. This playtime bed sheet set will transform your child’s playroom into a place for them to explore, learn, play, and sleep. It’s a great alternative to watching TV or playing games on their tablet.  This set includes over 60 interactive games, including positive affirmations, memory games, grammar games, fun shapes, interactive checkers, over-sizeed game boards, and more. These sheets become a comfortable resting pad for your little one to cuddle up and rest at night. 

Inklings Math and Memory Card Game

This fun memory card game isn’t just great for kids, it’s fun the entire family can get in on. The game strengthens children’s math skills as they try to get the highest score by avoiding the ink. Children will learn to use simple strategies to keep their cards a secret or to find their next move.  It’s common for children to struggle with math. However, Inkling is a great option to help kids improve their math skills while building self-confidence. The game supports 2-6 players and is awesome for engaging multiple kids. The easy-to-follow directions make it the perfect game for children ages five and up. 

Healthy Roots Doll: Zoe

Zoe is the first doll created by Healthy Roots doll. Each doll comes with a different story and has multiple aspirations and goals. Zoe went through a “big chop” that her mom helped her do. Afterward, she began to love her curls and wanted other girls to do the same.  Zoe’s hair can be washed and styled, but make sure not to submerge her body in water as her limbs are made from vinyl plastic with a soft torso. Make sure to detangle Zoe’s hair after styling with product while wet. Her hair can be styled in puffs, individual braids, or other styles with a middle part. 

Brown Toy Box Dadisi Academy Jaylen/Forensics STEAM Kit

Enjoy a fun forensics game with your little one and this Brown Toy Box Dadisi Academy Jaylen/Forensics STEAM Kit. This game is ideal for children ages five to ten. It includes everything needed to crack the case, including a magnifying glass, fingerprint kit, caution crime scene tape, and activity book. It also includes the characters Jaylen and his dog Bugsy.  Brown Toy Box prides itself on providing activities, toys, games, content, and experiences that celebrate Black children and encourages all children to enjoy and learn. The brand aims to normalize Black excellence, cultivate curiosity and expand Black children’s views of what they can accomplish in life. 

Galaxy Slime

Lily Frilly is all about adding girly vibes to your child’s day. The founder, Lily Adeleye hopes to inspire young girls to go after their dreams. Her title as CEO (Cutest Executive Officer) reflects the products the brand puts out. In addition to cute bow ties and apparel, Lily Frilly has cool and cute games, including galaxy slime.  The slime comes in a beautiful heart-shaped bottle with enchanting purple slime inside, resembling the galaxy. Your little ones can use Galaxy slime to dive deep into their creativity, create sculptures, play, and follow wherever their imagination takes them. The slime is non-stick, non-toxic, and ready-made. It’s ideal for children ages four and up. 

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