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Here's Your Grown Up Guide to Glassware

Are you using the correct glassware for your drinks? Chances are, you might not be. Here's how to choose the right glass every time.

January 14, 2024 at 3:04 AM PST

With so many things to celebrate in the new year, you’ll spend a lot of your time lifting your favorite drinks in the air for a sentimental toast with family and friends. Whether you’re hosting a housewarming party or celebrating a birthday, it’s important to know which types of glasses to use for which drinks. Not only does this knowledge improve your drinking experience, but it also shows how much you appreciate the presentation.

Each type of glass is specifically designed for certain beverages. That’s why it’s only right you use the correct glassware. From cocktails and wines to margaritas and champagnes, make sure every beverage you serve is served in the correct glassware and sipped on properly.

Glassware 101

Here’s how to impress your guests and feel confident in any dining situation.

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Wine Glass

One of the most commonly known glasses is the wine glass. They can come stemmed or stemless, both offering a time and place in which to use them. Classic and classy, a stemmed wine glass is well-suited for wine tastings and other special occasions. Use the stemless wine glass for outdoor or informal events. Designed to enhance the aromas and flavor of various wine types, the wide bowl shape is what makes the glass a staple. Use this glass for cocktails that have wine as its main ingredient such as a sangria.

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Coupe Glass

When it comes to serving “up” a drink, the coupe glass is your go to. Use it to serve your go-to cocktail drinks that need to be strained or served up, such as a strawberry daiquiri or classic martini. The unique glass shape features a broad-bowled glass makes for a sophisticated drink that flaunts the color. Plus, the stem prevents your hand from warming the glass.

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Martini Glass

Cocktail glass or martini glass, they mean the same thing for this v-shaped glass, despite the slight difference. Typically used for martinis and any other drinks that doesn’t require ice or much of any mixer. The very narrow, inverted cone shape is designed for sipping while the longer stem, like the coupe glass, keeps your drink cooler.

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Champagne Flute

Did someone order a mimosa? Well, if they did, you’ll see the bright yellow drink served in this champagne flute. Show off that bubbly drink, whether it be Prosecco, Champagne, or any other sparkling wine, with this tall and skinny glass. From flavorful mimosas to a French 75, this glass is perfect for a cute toast and celebrating big and small moments.

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Highball Glass

The high ball glass is best used for cocktails served on the rocks. From rum and coke to gin and tonic, these cocktails require a lot of mixer, making this glass fitting for serving. It’s slender straight shape allows the drink to stay cold and helps preserve carbonation. Holding about 8 to 12 ounces, serve it with ice and enjoy your tasty drink.

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Old Fashioned Glass

Unlike the other glasses above, this glass is short and sturdy with a solid base. Named for the traditional and classic cocktail, the Old Fashioned, this old fashioned glass is for drinks that are made mostly with spirits. Use this short tumbler glass for stirred cocktails and serve it with a large cube of ice or two for that nostalgic taste.


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Margarita Glass

Best for your frozen or shaken cocktails and you guessed it — margaritas! The celebrated margarita glass features a large, wide-rimmed round bowl with a smaller, secondary bowl shape for a little dazzle and flair. Served on the rocks with salt or sugar rims (or not), it offers ample room for nice garnishes and plenty of drink. Use this glass to serve a margarita on the rocks or a sweet strawberry daiquiri.



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