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5 Dating Dealbreakers Women Say They Hate To See at a Man's Place

Because your home decor can make or break your dating potential.

February 28, 2024 at 1:39 AM PST
News Dating Dealbreakers

5 Dating Dealbreakers Women Say They Hate To See at a Man's Place

Because your home decor can make or break your dating potential.

February 28, 2024 at 1:39 AM PST

The best part about being a homeowner is that you can decorate your space however you like. But in the quest for romance, every detail counts — even down to the lighting and bedding in your living space. And whether you’re on the dating scene or already booed up, it’s no secret that the state of your living space can say a lot about you.

But while you may not think much of it, your date is certainly taking note. In fact, in a recent report from a real-life design simulation game Redecor, women are opening up about their dating dealbreakers, especially as it relates to your home.

Here are four major turn-offs women hate to see at a man’s place.

A neon sign and lava lamp
Photo credit: Bati Aktas 

1. Leave the club lighting where it belongs…at the club.

While flashy, club-style lighting tends to add a kind of electrifying ambiance to a space, data reveals that it can actually hurt your dating prospects.

According to the report, a whopping 30% of women say they can’t stand to see flamboyant club lighting — i.e. lava lamps, LED strip lights, neon signs, etc. — at a date’s place. Many women consider this particular style of lighting to be distracting, others find it tacky or even juvenile.

So if you’re trying to impress a potential partner, it might be best to leave the club lighting where it belongs…at the club.

2. Hole-y bedding is a big no-no.

The bedroom is where the magic happens, which is why having a neat and tidy bed is of utmost importance if you want to impress your date. Part of having a tidy bed includes keeping up with your bedding to ensure there are no holes, rips, or other signs of wear and tear.

According to Redecor, nearly half (45%) of women are totally put off by seeing holes in a potential partner’s bedding. Displaying old, worn-out bedding gives off the impression that you’re not taking proper care of your space, and by extension, yourself. So the next time you have a date over, be sure to pull out the new sheets to make a more favorable impression.

Person in Black Leather Boots Sitting on Brown Cardboard Boxes
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3. No furniture? No date.

Part of being a responsible adult includes properly furnishing your living space. This not only shows that you have your life together, but it also provides a cozy and inviting environment for visitors, especially potential romantic partners.

In fact, according to the Redecor report, 48% of ladies consider not owning a bed frame one of the worst dating dealbreakers. Additionally, 23% of women admitted that they would absolutely break up with their partner if they didn’t own a couch. And without a suitable place to sit, who can blame them?

To prevent this, try to have at least a handful of key furniture pieces in your living space like a couch, a dining table and chairs, and an ottoman or two. That way, you can avoid sending the wrong message to your date.

4. Change it up…down there.

So you’ve found “the one” and decided to make it official by moving in together. But before you take that gigantic leap of love, there’s one small consideration you need to make.

While it may seem like only a small, personal preference, data from the Redecor report reveals that 29% of women say they had to make their partner get rid of old underwear before moving in with them.

Bad hygiene is a deal-breaker for most people, and having old, worn-out underwear is no exception. So if you’re thinking about taking your relationship to the next level by moving in together, make sure to refresh your underwear drawer first.

A set of clean, white towels
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5. Soiled towels spoil the fun.

Ever stepped out of a luxurious, warm shower, ready to wrap yourself in a fresh, fluffy towel, only to realize there aren’t any clean ones in sight? Well, according to Redecor, three-quarters of women call it an absolute dealbreaker, admitting that they would break up with their partner over the offense.

Not only is having clean linens important for hygiene purposes, but having clean towels readily available demonstrates that you can take care of yourself and are considerate of your partner’s needs, as an added bonus. So before your beau comes over, make an effort to do a load of laundry first to avoid any potential dating dealbreakers.



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