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Google Searches Reveal The Most Popular Design Styles In America

April 27, 2023 at 6:55 PM PST
News Interior Design Styles

Google Searches Reveal The Most Popular Design Styles In America

April 27, 2023 at 6:55 PM PST

Owning a home is an exciting journey. Many important factors go into becoming a homeowner, from choosing which city to live in to the design styles that appear in the home. According to a recent CNN article, the states with the highest homeownership rate for Black Americans are South Carolina, Delaware, and Mississippi.

When moving into a new space, the possibilities seem endless. It’s a new beginning and you can furnish your home the way you’ve always imagined. It is the perfect time to bring your Pinterest board to life. While it can be an exciting journey, decorating your home also can be very time consuming and intimidating, especially if you don’t know your design style.

Social media and the internet are great ways to find inspiration for your home’s interior. If you are curious about which styles are the most popular among Americans right now, UK-based interior design studio Hovia recently released a study revealing the top interior design styles. Hovia found the most popular design style in each state by analyzing Google Trends data with over 575 search terms relating to 25 interior design styles.

The findings revealed that a modern farmhouse style is the most popular interior design style in the United States. The style topped searches in 32 states. The second most popular design style is Feng Shui, which is ranked in five states. Rustic and Coastal tied in third place, each being the stop searches in four states.

Modern Farmhouse – The Most Popular of the Design Styles

Modern Farmhouse Home
Photo credit: Spacejoy

This style was most searched in Texas with an average of 8,647 times per month. Ohio and North Carolina followed closely behind with over 3,000 monthly searches each.

The modern farmhouse style is similar to country-style homes, but with a fresher approach. This design style is defined by wood furnishings, rattan baskets, an earth-toned color palette and pottery.

Feng Shui

feng shui
Photo credit: Alexandra Gorn

Feng Shui is the second most searched interior design style. Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada and New Mexico are dominating the searches.

Feng Shui originates from Chinese art, and it promotes organizing your space to bring positive energy and optimal well-being. It helps to make your space balanced and harmonious. Feng Shui is the art of balancing yin-yang energy to have a constant flow of balance in your life.

Rustic and Coastal

coastal design style
Photo credit: Steven Ungermann

Rustic and Coastal are the two designs that tied for third place. Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Wyoming are the states where people searched for rustic interiors the most. Delaware, Florida, Rhode Island and South Carolina are the states that had the most searches for a coastal design style.

Rustic style features textures like stone, wood and metal, while the coastal style incorporates elements of the beach and light shades of green, blue, beige and white.

Other Design Styles

Mid-Century modern, french country, industrial and eclectic are the design styles that came in fourth place. Oregon favored mid-century modern, which combines natural and manufactured decor in vibrant and muted colors. This style can be described as earthy-minimalistic.

Mississippi favored the french country design style, which includes luxe gold and cream furniture for an overall polished look.

The industrial design styles are the more popular in New York. This style uses solid metals, wood, rich leathers and copper finishings.

industrial design style
Photo credit: Aaron Huber

Eclectic design styles are most popular in Arkansas. This style mixes different decor and furniture. To achieve an eclectic interior design style, you should lean more on your personal style and have the freedom to incorporate furniture and decor from all design styles.



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