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Dunn-Edwards Announces 2024 Color of the Year

October 26, 2023 at 4:25 PM PST

Paint company Dunn-Edwards has unveiled its 2024 Color of the Year—a tranquil and refined blue shade named Skipping Stones (DET567). The color, which also has undertones of green and gray, evokes the peaceful and invigorating essence of the ocean and reflects a collective desire for a more balanced and calm existence in the upcoming year.

Every year, the experts at Dunn-Edwards delve into emerging trends in various fields, including culture, fashion, lifestyle, and technology, to identify the color that will define the year. For 2024, the soothing blue of Skipping Stones has emerged as the color that symbolizes a move toward more tranquil and reflective moments in both residential and commercial design spaces.

Skipping Stones
Photo Credit: Dunn-Edward

DeMing Carpenter, a color specialist at Dunn Edwards, explains in a press release, “Skipping Stones feels like a daydream and can add a sense of mystery and thoughtfulness to any space. It’s part of the resurgence of blue and represents a shift away from the bold, warm-toned colors that have been popular in recent years. This blue is timeless, versatile, fresh, and serene.”

Inspiring Creativity

The annual Color of the Year announced by Dunn-Edwards is intended to inspire creativity and encourage both professionals and consumers to explore and embrace new color trends. Skipping Stones is featured in the New Dawn color palette as part of the 2024 Color + Design Trends. This palette includes ethereal pastels, misted mid-tones grounded with earthy shades, and colors that mimic glimmering sunlight—all inspired by nature to create a space for tranquility amidst the chaos of modern life.

Dunn-Edwards Skipping Stones
Photo Credit: Dunn-Edwards

Skipping Stones is one of the 2,228 colors in the Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette color system. The color system offers a range of tools and sampling opportunities to help customers choose the right color and product for their needs.

Skipping Stones Collaboration

In a unique collaboration, Dunn-Edwards has partnered with San Diego artist Sarah Stieber to create custom earrings featuring the Skipping Stones color. These handmade earrings are available for purchase on Stieber’s website while supplies last.

Dunn-Edwards Skipping Stones
Photo Credit: Dunn-Edwards

Stieber shared her excitement about the collaboration: “As a painter, interior designer, muralist, and jewelry designer, I share Dunn-Edwards eye for color! Our mutual obsession for art and design made collaborating on this project a full-body yes! These earrings celebrate ‘Skipping Stones’ and symbolize the magic of using your hands to bring color into this world.”

To explore more about the 2024 Color of the Year, including design and application inspiration, curated color palettes, an immersive video representation of Skipping Stones, and more, visit Dunn Edwards online.



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