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Decorate Your Fence With These Fast-Growing Climbing Plants

May 24, 2023 at 4:28 PM PST

Turn your plain fence or home wall into a beautiful blossoming flora wonder with these fast-growing climbing vine plants. Whether you want to embrace the cottage-core aesthetic or just want your home to look more romantic and cozy, these vines will give you the ultimate curb appeal.

When it comes to fast-growing fences and wall climbers, you have to consider where the sunlight shines the best at. Some vines can blossom well with shade, while others need full sun to thrive. Because of the nature of most of these vines, it’s important to secure a sturdy fence or gate before installing these vines. On average, these vines can grow to at least eight or nine feet in the air, so your fence needs to be able to hold the weight.

Wall climbers and fence vines are also quick fixes if you want to hide imperfections on your wall or fence. These vines provide great coverage and can also double as a second layer of privacy for your home.

Fast-Growing Fence and Wall Climbers for Your Home


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Another thing to consider is the soil you have access to. Some vines need a mixture of soil types such as grainy dirt. Other vines need a moist location to thrive. These vigorous vines overall require moderate maintenance and care. All you need is to do some pruning to encourage flowers to bloom. If you have a desired shape you want to achieve, it’s important to learn how to tie the plants to the fence or wall to train the vine. Here are a few vines that are not only popular but relatively easy to grow:



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Ever since Netflix’s “Bridgerton” has made itself a permanent place in pop culture, everyone has embraced the whimsical, regency-era look. This rapid-growing vine can reach over 30 feet in one year. If you want a fast-growing fence or wall climber that blooms gorgeous purple flowers, you will appreciate this cascading plant.

English Ivy


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If you desire a luscious green vine to cover your fence, you should consider this ivy. This vine will grow the best in full sunlight, so front fences tend to be the best for maximum results. This vine also tends to grow heavy, so make sure you place these on a secure fence, as it will grow in every nook and cranny it can.

Kiwi Vine


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If you have a vertical fence, this plant will be rewarding. Yes, this vine does produce fruit as the name suggests, but it will take a few years for that to happen. In the meantime, you can enjoy the show-stopping greenery it will produce throughout the season.



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If you want an eye-catching vine that will attract bees and flower beautifully, you will be stunned at what this vine can do. For optimal results, it’s best to plant this in spring or fall. This vine can tolerate some shade, but it’s best to place it in a location where sunlight can beam on it at least six hours a day during the warmer months.

Chocolate Vine

Now, if you need a fence climber that has some shade tolerance, then this vine is your best bet. It can still bloom as expected with less than six hours of sunlight a day. However, this vine can get aggressive, and you may want to prune this vine to give it a shape if you desire. Expect a sea of brown and purple flowers and leaves as this vine grows up to 30 feet tall.

Hyacinth Bean Vine


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If you want a vine that has more reddish or pink-colored flowers, this is a plant you should consider. Out of all the vines listed, this plant is not too fussy about what soil you use to encourage it to grow. However, this plant does need a sturdy trellis or fence to grow on. These flowers look similar to lima beans, but they are not meant to be eaten.

Enjoy these eye-catching vines that will add the most stunning touch to your yard or garden.



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