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Article Noisy Neighbors

Noisy Neighbors? Here's How To Handle It

September 15, 2023 at 5:42 PM PST
Article Noisy Neighbors

Noisy Neighbors? Here's How To Handle It

September 15, 2023 at 5:42 PM PST

When you live close to other people, you can expect a level of noise and disruption on occasion. But loud music blasting early in the mornings, barking dogs, and riotous parties on a weeknight can make you feel like a hostage in your own home. Noisy neighbors can be a big pain. And according to a Lemonade research study, more than half of Americans (52%) find themselves annoyed with their neighbors throughout the year.

Why You Should Handle Noisy Neighbors with Caution

Enjoying peace and quiet at home is important to your health and well-being. It helps you rest and recharge so that you have a productive day. But when noisy neighbors strip you of that peace, your first thought may be to fight fire with fire.

Becoming angry with disruptive neighbors is a natural response to your being disturbed. But by escalating the conflict, it can quickly get out of hand. And unless you plan to move, this could make living in your neighborhood pretty uncomfortable.

If you confront your neighbors with aggression, they probably won’t take too kindly to your approach. For example, they might become defiant, creating even louder noise disruptions just to spite you. Or, they could retaliate in other ways such as blocking your driveway or damaging your lawn decor.

How To Handle Noisy Neighbors and Keep the Peace

Fortunately, you can take back your peace of mind without starting a feud with your neighbors. And with the help of a few useful tips, your home can be the retreat you need to rest and unwind. To learn how to keep the peace, here are six ways to handle noisy neighbors:

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Have a chat with them.

If you have an otherwise positive relationship with your neighbors, consider that they likely don’t realize how much noise they’re making. Before escalating the problem, start by addressing it with your neighbors in a friendly way. To do this, explain to them that the noise is a disruption, and ask them to keep it down during certain hours. Remember, the goal is to maintain peace, so approach the situation with respect and kindness.

Be proactive.

If confronting your neighbors doesn’t help, consider incorporating soundproofing strategies such as adding insulation to your walls or sealing gaps to minimize noise leakage. This can help reduce the noise so you can enjoy peace and quiet.

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Contact the charges.

If your neighbors are being particularly stubborn, consider reaching out to the authorities for help. You can contact a police non-emergency line, file a noise complaint with 311, or talk to your property manager about handling the problem.

Leave a note.

If you’re not the confrontational type, you could try leaving your neighbors a note to address the noise disruption. To ensure they receive the note, make sure to slip it underneath their door so that it doesn’t blow away.

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Discuss with other neighbors.

If your noisy neighbors are especially loud, the surrounding homes may also be affected. Have a talk with the other neighbors in your area so that you can come up with a solution together. A neighborhood watch meeting is a great way to round everyone up to brainstorm ideas that keep the peace.

Fight noise with noise.

Another way to combat the noise is by drowning it out. You can use a white noise machine to lull you to sleep or a music playlist to help you concentrate as you work. Of course, this isn’t the most ideal choice, but it can certainly work if you’re in a bind.



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