How To Pick Kitchen Hardware
Kitchen Kitchen Hardware

A Guide To Picking Kitchen Hardware That Elevates Your Space

March 19, 2024 at 1:22 PM PST

Do you know that you can pick a kitchen hardware that elevates your space? A home’s interior design process involves important choices, ranging from paint color to lighting design. Remembering that design is also in the details might be challenging with so many moving components. Furthermore, hardware is an element that is easily forgotten. They may seem like a small detail, but kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls play a surprisingly big role in the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

Kitchen Hardware: Where To Begin

Photo credit: Tony Anderson

Choosing the right hardware, from functionality to trends in design style, is crucial to elevating your space or leaving it feeling unfinished. However, with the endless options available, navigating the world of kitchen hardware can feel overwhelming.  This step-by-step guide will walk you through everything you need to consider when picking the perfect hardware for your kitchen.

Make A Plan

If you are designing a kitchen, you probably have a few favorite fantasy kitchens in mind. Look closely at the hardware they are utilizing: do you like the placement, style, and materials they used? Is there perhaps a kitchen that you dislike but that might have amazing hardware? Pay attention to those elements to help you narrow down a look you adore.  If you get stuck, you can always visit Pinterest for some kitchen hardware ideas.

Pick The Proper Size Of Kitchen Hardware

Once you have chosen the image you want to go with, you need to take into account dimensions such as drawer pull spacing< or the measurement of the hole required to install a specific knob. You may also search for alternatives, and don’t forget to confirm that they meet all the required dimensions.

Two quick tips that will help you choose the appropriate size of kitchen hardware:

  • Take some pictures and use Painter’s Tape. (Use the softest tape possible, you don’t want to remove any paint or stain!)
  • Before deciding, make sure to take your top picks home for a closer look. What appears fantastic in the shop might not work with your specific kitchen design.

You can buy individual hardware at locations where returns are simple for “sampling” purposes. Some go-to stores include Lowes, Home Depot and Amazon.

Strive For Harmony Of Colors

The color of the kitchen hardware finish should complement the color of the kitchen cabinets and the surrounding furnishings. Pairing a kitchen’s hardware finishes against the kitchen cabinet’s painting or varnish color produces a uniform and harmonious effect.
The kitchen cabinets and drawers can either stick out or blend in perfectly with the rest of the room with a well-matched color scheme. Certain popular selections for knob coatings or cabinet handles always go well together, depending on the type of hardware style you’re going for.

For an attractive yet modern design, consider pairing black pulls with brass cabinet hardware. Alternatively, for a homey, rustic feel, combine oil-rubbed bronze pulls with wooden knobs. For a simple and timeless design for either modern or traditional kitchens, try black knobs paired with polished nickel or chrome-plated metal hardware.

Seek Out Excellence

Take your time selecting the perfect set of knobs or pulls for your kitchen cabinets if you want to improve the appearance of your kitchen. This is not the place to skimp on quality. Because hardware is used frequently, you should make sure you purchase long-lasting pulls or knobs.

Think About Heavy Metal

For your cabinets, you can choose from hundreds of various kinds of metal styles and supplies. They are a good option for an accessory that will last because they come in a wide selection of styles. Hardware that is easy to clean and difficult to break should be added. 

“Metals are the new hot stuff in design,” explains Artem Kropovinsky, the creator of Arsight. “They bring in that urban, edgy vibe, which is especially appealing to bold-faced people.” Mixing metals in the room is perfectly acceptable, but not in your kitchen hardware. If you have opted for brass hardware, choose a variety of shapes for your cabinet pulls and knobs while maintaining the same finish.

You may add another metal to something like the kitchen’s plumbing fixtures if you wish to do so.

Choose Longevity

Your kitchen cabinet hardware requires a lot of manual labor. Shiny surfaces on pulls and knobs will reveal every fingerprint.  According to Kropovinsky, you don’t want fingerprints to be visible on your gear every time someone touches it. He advises choosing a rough or grainy finish.

Don’t forget About Comfort When Choosing Kitchen Hardware

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Kitchen tasks are easier when your hardware is easy to grab. Imagine yourself pulling open a heavy drawer with a slippery knob – not ideal!  They ought to be sizable enough for your fingers to move around them without discomfort. One tiny knob, for instance, is not appropriate or practicable in the centre of a large, hefty drawer.

However, you would require two hands to gently open the kitchen cabinet or drawer if you were to use two tiny knobs instead.  Try before you buy, or choose kitchen hardware with a design that looks comfortable to grip.

Get The Right Hardware For The Right Job

Kitchens have a mix of cabinets and drawers, so pick hardware that makes sense.  Knobs are perfect for cabinet doors, while pulls are ideal for drawers.  Simply remember to keep the kitchen’s finish consistent by selecting a single pull design and a matching set of knobs. Alternately, for a streamlined appearance in furniture, utilize the same kind of hardware across the kitchen.

Be Mindful of the Kitchen Space

Just as with other aspects of your home’s design, you should choose kitchen cabinet hardware which complements the area and blends in perfectly. The hardware on your cabinets may give the impression that everything is out of place whether they are trendy or unconventional in style. Let the overall style of your kitchen guide your hardware selection.

Placement Of Kitchen Hardware

When the time comes to install the hardware, you’ll know what you’re looking for (knob as well as pull, size, and finish.) In what location should it be placed? The best course of action is to go over several photographs to determine your particular choice as there are many to choose from.

Placing a knob parallel with the shaker’s line is a classic style that never goes wrong for anything like this.  Alternatively, you might position the knob a few spaces higher for a more contemporary appearance, or in the middle of the shaker.

Regarding drawer pulls, you may put them in the centre or, as I prefer, above the drawer. Since there is no turning back once the holes are drilled, it is better to experiment slightly with where they go and mark it out with painter’s tape!

Avoid Complications When In Doubt

Sometimes, choice fatigue is real.  Especially after all those kitchen remodel decisions.  Rectangle pulls or round knobs?  Both are fantastic!  Who needs the pressure?  Some of the most stunning kitchens have the simplest hardware.There are no hard rules on how to pick kitchen hardware, but certain considerations can make the process smoother. Functionality, comfort, and style should all be part of the equation. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find hardware that reflects your unique taste.  It is best to place a smaller hardware order if you’re not sure what you’d prefer. Try a variety of types, sizes, and finishes over time to see how the change affects your kitchen space.

Explore those hardware options and kitchen brands, and create a space that’s both beautiful and functional. After all, your kitchen is an extension of you!

People Also Ask

Should my kitchen hardware match? Not always. Choosing your kitchen hardware is all about you! You can choose a uniform style, or mix and match finishes like brass and wood to create an interesting look.  Consider coordinating over matching. While matching finishes might provide a certain flow, a selection of kitchen hardware looks far more appealing than the same old patterns.

Does my kitchen hardware need to be identical in size? While drawer pulls are supposed to be the same size across the kitchen, knobs should vary in size. You should select hardware that matches the measurements of the door if the drawer or cabinet is broader or larger.  Generally speaking, longer pulls work well on larger drawers. Large trash pull-outs and appliances are examples of items that should have larger handles.  This is not only because they appear better in proportion, but also because pulling something heavy out is easier when the handle is larger.

How many colors of kitchen hardware do I need? Don’t use an excessive number of different finishes or colors. To keep your mixed gear looking classy and consistent, stick to a maximum of three color combinations. Overly varied content might lead to visual clutter.

How do I measure the correct size for handles and cabinet pulls? Apply the ⅓ rule of cabinet pulls, suggesting that the ideal pull length is approximately ⅓ the cabinet door’s height and ⅓ the drawer’s width. One-¼” is a decent size for knobs. Size down to achieve a more basic look. Size up if you wish to make a stronger statement.



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