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Gift Guides Interior Design Lovers Gift Guide

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Interior Design Lover in Your Life

December 18, 2023 at 1:58 AM PST
Gift Guides Interior Design Lovers Gift Guide

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Interior Design Lover in Your Life

December 18, 2023 at 1:58 AM PST

We all have that one friend: the friend whose house looks like it belongs on Pinterest, who spends more money at Target and HomeGoods than anywhere else, and who effortlessly has a vision for every room in everyone’s house. Whether you’re that friend or you know someone in your life who is, we know that finding a gift for someone with an elevated aesthetic is easier said than done. The challenge lies in finding something that not only meets their careful eye but also adds a distinctive touch to their already curated space.

Luckily, Home and Texture is an expert in all things interior design. It’s our job to spend each and every day staying up to date on all the latest design trends, and we know exactly what’s making waves on social media and ending up in the homes of the most coveted interiors around.

7 of the Best Gifts for the Design Lover in Your Life

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The Perfect Gifts for Interior Design Lovers

Whether their style is minimalist or eclectic, we’ve made sure there’s something for every aesthetic. Though you can always stay on the safe side and snag a gift card from Anthropologie, West Elm or Amazon, nothing beats the personal touch of a thoughtfully chosen item that speaks directly to their unique style. Some ideas to consider? We think you can’t go wrong with cookware, kitchen appliances, and any item that instantly upgrades their lifestyle, like an alarm clock or essential oil diffuser. More familiar with their exact design style? Opt for something like a coffee table book, a candle, or a decorative candelabra or match holder.

For the full list and exact links to our favorite products, head below to find the perfect gift guide for the wannabe interior designer in your life.

Assouline Coffee Table Book

An Assouline coffee table book is the perfect gift for your friend with a maximalist design style. If you know someone who loves color, bold design choices and adding the perfect finishing touch to even the most overlooked areas, any Assouline coffee table book is sure to put a smile on their face. We recommend pairing three together for the ultimate colorful coffee table upgrade.

Diptyque Candle

If you’ve never seen or smelled a Diptyque candle before, trust us on this one. The interior design lover in your life is sure to have come across one, and if they don’t already have one, they need one. Quite possibly the most aesthetic candle on the internet, a Diptyque candle offers an elegant design that effortlessly elevates any space. It’s a symbol of luxury and sophistication that even doubles as a stocking stuffer.

Skeem Match Cloche

Have you seen a cuter product for storing matches that’s both functional and doubles as decor? This Skeem match cloche from Anthropologie is the perfect gift to go along with their Diptyque candle. It comes pre-filled with 120 matches and features a strike-on-bottle flint so that they have everything they need for the ultimate candle experience. It’s the missing piece they need for adding a little color to their kitchen counter or bedside table.

Decorative Candelabra

Available in black or white, this decorative candelabra from West Elm is a playful yet stylish gift that’s the perfect space filler on a console or dining room table. Made to fit three tapered candles, this candelabra doubles as sculptural, modern art and would set the vibe for any tablescape. Gift this to the person in your life who is the host or hostess of your friend group—it’s sure to elevate their next dinner party to the max.

Always Pan 2.0

If you’re not familiar with Our Place, allow us to introduce you—this is the pan that has taken the internet by storm. It’s a gift that is guaranteed to impress anyone who appreciates aesthetic cookware, loves cooking for themselves and others, and values a ‘less is more’ mindset in the kitchen. It does the job of 10 pieces of traditional cookware, which also makes it perfect for anyone who hasn’t upgraded their cookware collection in a hot minute. With six OG colors and five limited edition colors to choose from, there’s sure to be a color for everyone on your list. It’s also currently on sale for the holidays, so don’t wait to secure your gift.

Hatch Restore 2 Alarm Clock

We all know that person who hates mornings and loves the snooze button. To make their mornings easier, give the gift of a Hatch sunrise alarm clock. Aesthetic enough to blend in with the existing decor on their nightstand and useful enough to actually help them fall asleep and wake up more easily, a Hatch alarm clock is the perfect addition to anyone’s routine. With its minimalist design and three neutral colors to choose from, the gift of sleep has never been more stylish.

Seasons Soni SM Essential Oil Diffuser

While we love a good essential oil diffuser, we know they can sometimes be a bit of an eyesore. That’s not the case with the Seasons Soni SM diffuser. It's undeniably cute, and its compact size and charming aesthetic make it a fun yet practical addition to any room. Complete with a removable leather carrying strap and available in three colors—praline, slate and onyx—the Soni SM diffuser is a gift that will curate cozy vibes in any room it’s placed in. Pair with a set of essentials oils, and you’ve got a gift that will make the recipient’s home smell amazing all season long.

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