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Cleaning KonMari Method

Inside the KonMari Method: A Step-by-Step Guide To Decluttering Your Home

October 4, 2023 at 6:08 PM PST
Cleaning KonMari Method

Inside the KonMari Method: A Step-by-Step Guide To Decluttering Your Home

October 4, 2023 at 6:08 PM PST

If you need help decluttering your space, the KonMari Method is a growing trend that many homeowners swear by. But the KonMari Method isn’t just a guide for how to clean your home—it’s a lifestyle. Started by Marie Kondo, this innovative practice takes cleaning to new heights by focusing on decluttering your home in a way that sparks joy.

And not only does this method help you create a happier, healthier space, but it also makes maintaining it super easy. To learn more about how it works, here are the six basic rules for tidying your home, according to the KonMari Method.

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Rule No. 1 – Commit Yourself To Tidying Up

The first rule of tidying is you have to be committed to the job. For most people, cleaning is a chore, which is why many people drag their feet to do it. But according to the KonMari Method, this is the wrong approach. Instead, you should have a can-do attitude when it comes to cleaning, understanding that it will require a bit of time and energy to fully complete.

Remember that maintaining your home isn’t a quick fix, but a lifestyle. With this in mind, try setting a clear intention to put in the effort to tidy your space. By fully devoting yourself to the process, you’ll notice you have more motivation to follow through.

Rule No. 2 – Imagine Your Ideal Lifestyle

Tidying up your home isn’t just about being a responsible homeowner, it’s about curating your very own dream space. A clean home provides a fresh start, and from there, you can really get creative in how you decorate your space.

So take a few moments to imagine your ideal lifestyle. If you need to, you can journal or sketch your ideas to really flesh them out. Doing this can change your approach to cleaning, and give you a whole new outlook on your space.

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Rule No. 3 – Finish Discarding First

The KonMari Method derives meaning from getting rid of clutter. Instead of simply throwing things away, take a moment to reflect on why you’re tossing certain items. Discarding an old shirt that no longer fits can give you a greater appreciation for being in a new stage of life. Or getting rid of an old book collection can help you add more value to the lessons they’ve taught you. Approaching decluttering from this standpoint can help shift your mind towards a more positive future.

Rule No. 4 – Tidy by Category, Not by Location

Most people keep some of the same items in multiple places in the home — i.e. paper towels in the kitchen and bathroom, pens and other writing utensils by the nightstand or in the home office, etc. This can make it difficult to know just how much of something you have. So rather than clean from room to room, the KonMari Method encourages tidying up by category — clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous), and sentimental items. This way, you can avoid keeping duplicate items, creating space only for what you need.

Rule No. 5 – Follow the Right Order

Following the categories in their designated order is an important part of the KonMari Method. According to Kondo, if you tidy up your space in order of importance — i.e. clothes (easy) to sentimental items (hard) — you can really enhance your decision-making skills. And as a result, you not only learn more about proper decluttering, but you learn a lot about yourself, too.

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Rule No. 6 – Ask Yourself If It Sparks Joy

The purpose of the KonMari Method is to gain a better understanding of what makes you happy. So before you toss something away, ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” Then, really consider how your mind and body respond. With time, you’ll become more in tune with your inner voice so that you can surround yourself with belongings that align with who you are and what you want out of life.



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