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Kitchen News Le Creuset Collection

Le Creuset Honors Pride Month With This Limited-Edition Collection

May 17, 2023 at 5:37 PM PST
Kitchen News Le Creuset Collection

Le Creuset Honors Pride Month With This Limited-Edition Collection

May 17, 2023 at 5:37 PM PST

There are cookware brands, and then there’s Le Creuset. The French brand has been loved and adored by homemakers, cooks, and the like since its inception in 1925. They’re known for having an exceptional selection of vibrant colors in various finishes and materials and high-quality, durable, enameled cast iron pots.

Through new drops and limited-edition styles, Le Creuset has managed to consistently capture the hearts of a new generation of consumers. Now the brand is back with its L’OVEn Collection, just in time for Pride Month. Every piece in this limited-edition collection features a joyful cascade of colorful appliqué hearts reminiscent of a rainbow. The hearts dance around the items against a white enamel background. This collection is a celebration of love, joy, and self-expression.


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This year, the brand has expanded its assortment. It’s a great way to bring happiness to your kitchen and share flavors of love with your family and friends.

Items in this collection include the Signature Round Dutch L’OVEn, L’OVEn Mug, L’OVEn Mini Cocotte, L’OVEn Utensil Crock, and L’OVEn Hydration Bottle. These pieces are both functional necessities that will elevate your cooking experience as well as beautiful additions that will add a spark of joy and creativity to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Support the LGBTQ+ community this Pride Month by purchasing a piece from Le Creuset’s L’OVEn Collection. These items are long-lasting and easy to clean, and the enamel resists dulling, staining, chipping, and cracking. These pieces are worth the investment and can become family heirlooms through generations.

Check out the full L’OVEn Collection below.

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Signature Round Dutch L’OVEn

This signature round Dutch pot has hand-applied appliqué rainbow hearts adorning the top and sides. The multi-colored hearts look vibrant against the white enamel background. This piece is perfect for going from the stove to the oven to the table. You can leave it on your counter to bring joy and liven up your kitchen space. This pot is crafted by French artisans using the finest materials. It has heat retention that locks in moisture and flavor to produce delicious dishes. The pot is designed to last for generations and is a great pot to pass down through generations. This porcelain enamel pot is dishwasher-safe and minimizes food sticking to it.

L’OVEn Collection Mini Cocotte

This mini cocotte is a great dish for mini pot pies, mini mac and cheese, molten chocolate cake, ice cream sundaes, cobblers, gratins, and more. These versatile dishes are also great for prepping and storing ingredients. The mini cocotte is made from premium stoneware and ensures your food is cooked to perfection. The white glaze makes your mini pot nonstick for easy cleanup. There is even heat distribution, which prevents hot spots. Heat retention helps keep food warm and cold. The glaze is scratch-resistant, resists stains, and is nonporous. This mini cocotte is safe for the oven, microwave, broiler, dishwasher, and freezer.

L’OVEn Collection Utensil Crock

Add a decorative highlight to your countertop with this utensil holder. Adorned with hand-applied rainbow hearts, this utensil holder looks beautiful with colorful palettes and eclectic design styles. It keeps your tools organized and makes them easily accessible to grab. It’s made with premium stoneware and finished with a white glaze. The glaze is non-reactive, nonporous, and resistant to chips, stains, and scratches. This stylish addition to your counter frees up drawer space, is easy to clean, and resists cracking and crazing. It’s safe for the dishwasher and metal utensils. You can even use it to store a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

L’OVEn Collection Hydration Bottle

Stay hydrated at home and outside of the home with this hydration bottle. It’s beautifully decorated with rainbow appliqué hearts. The bottle is made of durable stainless steel. Double-walled vacuum insulation helps keep liquid at optimal temperature for hours. The internal copper layer helps prevent condensation on the surface of the bottle. The temperature retention is specifically designed to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. This bottle is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. It can hold up to 17 fluid ounces, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the day. To clean this bottle, hand wash with warm, soapy water.

L’OVEn Collection Mugs, Set of 2

These mugs are a great addition to your mug collection. It comes in a set of two and sparks joy and love. They were designed to celebrate self-expression and feature a cascade of rainbow hearts dancing around the mug. Whether you’re drinking coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, this mug will make drinking your warm beverage an experience to look forward to every day. You can also use these mugs for single servings of soup and dessert. It can hold up to 14 fluid ounces of goodness and keeps its contents warm or cold. The mugs are dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and resistant to chips, scratches, and stains.

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