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interior design Limewash Paint Ideas

Limewash Paint Ideas To Prove Limewash Can Work for Every Aesthetic

August 3, 2023 at 10:55 PM PST
interior design Limewash Paint Ideas

Limewash Paint Ideas To Prove Limewash Can Work for Every Aesthetic

August 3, 2023 at 10:55 PM PST

As interior trends continue to evolve, the days of flat, neutral paint colors being the only option for the walls in your home are long gone. One painting style in particular that reigns supreme on the walls of TikTokers and Instagram influencers alike is limewash—a technique that involves applying paint in overlapping criss-cross strokes to create a textured effect that adds charm and character to any space.

While you may subscribe to the notion that this style of painting works best for a rustic farmhouse aesthetic, you may be mistaken. Here are five looks that prove limewashing your walls can be the missing piece of the design puzzle for any space, no matter your aesthetic.

This Colorful Jungle Corner

Photo credit: @projectsfromwaltonroad / Instagram

Plain white walls just wouldn’t do this space justice—neither would a flat, uniform finish in the same shade, for that matter. The limewash effect gives the space a lived-in feel and makes a statement without being too overpowering. The jewel tone color chosen here creates the perfect canvas for blending in with the plants and making the accent colors pop, creating an overall cohesive look throughout.

This Eclectic Maximalist Lounge Area

Photo credit: @inside.number.twelve / Instagram

When was the last time you saw a room with this much personality? Though quaint in size, this living room speaks volumes in its design. The limewash walls add texture and visual interest that provide an ideal backdrop for the playful artwork and unique decor pieces (we’re looking at you, gold drip end table). The limewash only further adds to the aesthetic, creating a space that’s every maximalist’s dream.

This Natural Bedroom With Earthy Elements

Photo credit: @cauvarjao / Instagram

This bedroom may as well transport you to a five-star resort in Tulum, Mexico. The simplistic, natural elements make the limewash paint the star of the show. It provides the perfect complement to the jute rug, natural woven basket and chandelier, and tranquil color scheme. The texture that the limewash provides contributes to an overall soft and harmonious space.

This Soft Yet Playful Kitchen

Photo credit: @owldesignlondon / Instagram

This kitchen, with its vintage tiling, scalloped backsplash, and simplistic decor, creates a space that’s whimsical and almost childlike. The limewash paint adds a hint of softness and femininity that contributes to the lighthearted appeal of this design. The quirky abstract decor only complements the limewash effect, and together, the pair creates a unique charm that any lover of retro design will want to recreate.

This Warm Bohemian Bedroom

boho bedroom with limewash paint walls
Photo credit: @labellavieinteriors / Instagram

Imagine waking up in this chic, inviting bohemian bedroom every morning. The walls in this space add texture and an additional design element without adding too much color, which allows the burnt orange, terracotta and rich chocolate bedding to really stand out as the star of the show. The limewash paint is simply an understated feature that adds to the warm, luxurious feel, and yet the space wouldn’t be complete without it.



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