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Wellness Mindfulness Hobbies

7 Mindful Hobbies You Can Do at Home

Creating a better you starts at home.

February 24, 2024 at 9:18 AM PST
Wellness Mindfulness Hobbies

7 Mindful Hobbies You Can Do at Home

Creating a better you starts at home.

February 24, 2024 at 9:18 AM PST

Mindfulness isn’t just a popular social media buzzword, it’s a way to create a healthier lifestyle amidst the noisiness of modern society. Because much of the world we live in is filled with distraction, finding peace in mindful activities can be a transformative experience.

While activities like yoga and meditation are commonplace in the mental health space, exploring other unique hobbies can ignite an even deeper connection to your inner being.

To learn how to be in the present, here are seven healthy activities you can do to practice mindfulness at home:

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Terrarium Building

Many people like to practice mindfulness by immersing themselves in nature. But if you don’t have a nearby park or hiking trail to visit, you can experience the relaxing effects of nature without ever having to leave your home.

By delving into the art of terrarium building, you can create your own miniature ecosystem that thrives. With terrarium building, you can curate your terrarium however you like, from lush mosses to spiky succulents. Plus, if you have kids, creating a terrarium can be a fun, educational activity that you can do together.

Sound Healing

Sound baths are all over social media — and for good reason. This special type of “bath” can add balance to your inner being by soothing your mind and body.

To clear your mind using sound, try experimenting with singing bowls, tuning forks, or even your own voice, paying careful attention to the subtle nuances of the sounds around you. By doing so, you can create healing vibes that not only resonate throughout your space but lead you down a path of radical self-discovery.

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Experimental Cooking

In a meal-planning rut? Break free from the boundaries of boring, tired recipes and try your hand at experimental cooking instead.

The key to experimental cooking involves allowing your taste buds to guide you as you cook. Try experimenting with unconventional herbs, spices, and ingredients to create a unique flavor profile. Shop rare fruits and veggies at farmers’ markets, explore exotic spices in international food markets, or even try pickling onions, cucumbers, or peppers for added crunch and tang.


The act of writing down your thoughts is known to play a powerful role in your mental health. Journaling allows you to better understand and articulate your emotions. It also helps you rid yourself of any pent-up anxiety weighing you down.

Because of this benefit, experts recommend journaling every day as a way to help clear your mind and encourage relaxation.

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Eclectic Dance

Eclectic dancing is a popular style of dancing that prioritizes fully experiencing and sharing your emotions through movement. Not only is it a healthy way to get your body moving, but it can be a powerful tool for mindfulness, too.

You can even practice eclectic dance from the comfort of your home. To do this, simply play a song, then tune in to your body, letting it lead the way. You can dance wildly, slowly, or however you like. The goal of eclectic dance is to fully let go of your inhibitions and instead, do what feels good to you.

Nature Sketching

If you enjoy drawing, nature sketching is a fantastic way to relax your mind while doing it. You can explore your local park, a nearby beach, or even your own backyard to immerse yourself in the wonder of nature.

When sketching, try to capture the intricate details of plants, animals, and landscapes. This allows you to feel a deep connection to the Great Outdoors as you bring it to life on paper.

Sensory Storytelling

If you haven’t tried sensory storytelling for mindfulness, you’re totally missing out. This special style of storytelling involves immersing yourself in a story by engaging in all five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. This creative hobby can be a powerful tool in helping you stay grounded by allowing you to be fully present in the moment.

You can write, draw, or even make videos to help you create wildly imaginative stories that blend what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. The key is to be present and put thought into everything you create.



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