Treat Yourself: 5 Items You Need To Curate An At-Home Spa
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Treat Yourself: 5 Items You Need To Curate An At-Home Spa

March 19, 2023 at 12:26 AM PST

Slowing down and living more intentionally has been on our list this year. In our fast-paced world, taking time to unplug and rest is vital. One of the easiest ways to practice self-care is to curate an at-home spa. You can indulge in the luxury of spa treatments without leaving the comfort of your home. Whether you want to soak off the day’s stress or simply relax, an at-home spa date is a perfect solution.

You can completely transform your bathroom into a tranquil sanctuary with the right items and ambiance.

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Curating An At-Home Spa Experience

When curating an at-home spa, there are a few essentials to consider. Think of the items your favorite spa has for inspiration. Some of our essential items are scented candles, diffusers, a plush bathrobe, soothing music, a luxurious scrub, and high-quality towels. Curating a spa experience at home is an investment but totally worth it. Not to mention it could help you save money in the long run.

Setting The Mood

In addition to essentials for your at-home spa, you have to create the vibe. This can look like creating a playlist of your favorite nature-inspired sounds, instrumentals, and soothing music. Entering your home spa to your favorite sounds can transport you to a state of tranquility.

If entering your soft life era is on your goal list, creating an at-home spa is an excellent way to experience luxury and self-care without leaving your safe space.

Keep reading for some of our favorite must-have items when curating an at-home spa that rivals resorts.

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Must-Have Items For Curating An At-Home Spa

Dry Brushing Body Brush Set

Dry brushing is a great way to detox and exfoliate your skin. It helps increase blood circulation and is great for lymphatic drainage. You can book an expensive spa treatment that includes dry brushing or do it yourself at home for a budget-friendly approach. This dry brush set is great for establishing an at-home spa ritual. The natural bristles get rid of dead skin cells and help reduce the appearance of cellulite while increasing blood circulation. Dry brush in an upwards circular motion before taking a bath or getting in the shower. After bathing, moisturize your skin with soothing oils for a spa-like effect.

Microfiber Terry-Lined Shawl Collar Spa Bath Robe

An at-home spa experience wouldn’t be complete without an ultra-plush robe. This spa robe has a terry-lined interior, microfiber exterior, and cord piping trim. It’s unisex and size-inclusive, fitting up to a 4x. You won’t have to worry about shrinking because this machine-washable robe promises zero shrinkage. Slip on your robe after an exfoliating body scrub treatment to continue to a spa-like vibe. Wearing a robe after applying hydrating products to your skin helps the products absorb for a longer period of time. Spas are known for their comfortable robes; this robe is the ultimate choice for comfort and luxury.

Premium Organic Body Scrub Set

A good body scrub is essential when transitioning from winter to spring. The cold, harsh weather of the winter months can result in dry skin. Using a body scrub is a great way to exfoliate and add moisture to your skin. This body scrub not only cleanses and exfoliates, but it nourishes and moisturizes your skin using essential oils, sea salts, and skin softeners. Implementing a body scrub in your at-home spa routine is also great for reducing the appearance of cellulite, dark spots, stretch marks, and acne scars. This set includes the scrub, a spoon for quickly scooping the scrub, a loofah, and soap.

Large Towel Warmer

There’s nothing like getting out of a bath after dry brushing and swaddling yourself in a warm towel. You never have to step out of a bath or shower feeling cold again thanks to towel warmers. Towel warmers are a must when curating an at-home spa experience. They’re comforting and great for the environment as they reduce laundry loads and water consumption. You can also use a towel warmer to heat your bathrobe, promising a luxurious spa experience. This towel warmer is large enough to accommodate up to two oversized bath towels, robes, pajamas, a throw blanket, and more. You can choose how long to heat your towels with the warmer’s built-in timer.

Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser

You can’t have an at-home spa without essential oils. There’s a reason why spas commonly use essential oils: they boost your mood, relieve headaches, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and pain, and more. This diffuser allows you to take advantage of essential oils. It brightens up your mood and provides a luxurious scent for your at-home spa. The cordless diffuser is aesthetically pleasing when curating your spa and can be placed on your bathroom counter or coffee table. There are 4-hour and 8-hour run times to choose what’s best for you. This award-winning design comes with a lifetime guarantee and is made from fully recyclable packaging.

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