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Kid’s Room Bassinets for Newborns

Sleep Solutions for Newborns: Must-Have Bassinets for Peaceful Sleep

September 8, 2023 at 6:03 PM PST
Kid’s Room Bassinets for Newborns

Sleep Solutions for Newborns: Must-Have Bassinets for Peaceful Sleep

September 8, 2023 at 6:03 PM PST

Becoming a parent can be such an exciting experience. From first words to first steps, new Moms and Dads have a whole lot to look forward to. But parenting is also not for the faint of heart. It can be a whirlwind of diaper changes, late night bottle feedings, and of course — dreaded potty training. Fortunately, having the right sleep setup can help. A proper setup can help your bundle of joy adjust to their new home. Plus, the right products can help new parents create the perfect environment for them to sleep peacefully whenever and wherever.

What To Consider When Shopping for Bassinets

Selecting the right bassinet for your newborn baby is a significant decision that can greatly impact your baby’s early days and your own peace of mind. Bassinets are designed to provide a cozy, safe, and convenient sleeping space for your infant during those crucial early months. They offer proximity to your baby, making nighttime feedings and soothing more accessible, and they can be placed right next to your bed for added convenience.

When choosing a bassinet, several factors come into play. Safety is paramount. Ensure that the bassinet meets current safety standards and regulations. Look for sturdy construction, breathable materials, and a firm mattress that fits snugly without any gaps. Portability is another key consideration. A bassinet that is lightweight and easy to move around can be a lifesaver when you want to keep your baby close by during daytime naps or while you move from room to room.

Design and functionality also matter. Some bassinets come equipped with features like adjustable heights, storage compartments, or soothing vibrations. Think about what will work best for your lifestyle and space. Ultimately, choosing a bassinet for your newborn is about creating a secure and comfortable sleep environment where your baby can rest peacefully, and you can enjoy those precious early moments together.

5 Bassinets To Shop

Fortunately for new parents, there are many products designed to make your journey with your baby as seamless as possible. If you want to learn more about how to create the perfect environment for your newborn, here are five bassinets and sleep products to explore:

Lacy Portable 2-in-1 Bassinet & Cradle

Pamper your newborn with this dreamy, lacy bassinet that converts into a rocking cradle with ease. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes it safe and secure to use until your baby is 25 pounds. And its convenient full canopy means you can protect them from anything you don't want getting inside.

Wooden Hanging Swing Hammock

This Wooden Hanging Swing Hammock is the perfect way to put your baby down for a nap. It's made using natural cotton fabric, making it soft and cozy for baby to sleep in. Or if they're particularly fussy, rock them to sleep using the accompanying seat belt designed to prevent your little one from falling out.

Foldable Bedside Bassinet

The YADAQE Foldable Bedside Bassinet is an ideal companion for new parents who need to stay close to their newborn. You can lock its wheels to ensure your baby stays in place wherever you are. And if you want to keep an extra close eye on your little one, its breathable mesh sides make it super easy to do so.

SmartSleep Auto Glide Bassinet with Bluetooth

Soothe your baby in style with this remote-activated bassinet from Delta Children. It includes a tiered toy arm decorated with stars to keep your newborn entertained. Plus, when connected to Bluetooth, you can access a range of features, from a calming auto glide motion to gentle nature sounds.

5-in-1 Baby Bassinet

This 5-in-1 bassinet is the perfect companion for new Moms and Dads. Not only is it a comfortable bed for your baby, but it also converts into a diaper changing station, baby swing, play yard, and bedside sleeper! Plus, it includes a premium mosquito bed net to protect your baby anything outside.

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