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5 Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Hacks for Pet Owners

Clean your home safely with these eco-friendly, pet-friendly hacks.

March 10, 2024 at 7:59 AM PST

If you have a pet, chances are they are an integral member of your family. However, as any pet owner knows, these beloved animals often trail dirt, fur, and even harmful bacteria like E. Coli into our homes, making it a challenge to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. David Chapman, the owner of Ultimate Mats, emphasizes the duality of pet ownership, stating, “As much joy as our pets bring around the home, it’s no secret that they also bring plenty of dirt, grime, and shedded hair to the home, which can be a task to attempt to keep on top of.”

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Recognizing the importance of a clean living environment for both humans and pets, Chapman shares cleaning hacks for pet owners seeking to maintain a pristine home without resorting to harsh chemicals that could potentially harm their furry friends.

Rubber Gloves

Vacuuming often falls short in the battle against pet hair embedded in carpets and upholstery. Chapman introduces a simple yet effective method involving dampened rubber gloves.

“Dampen your rubber glove slightly and run it over the surface you wish to clean—the static charge of the rubber will help to lift the hairs that may be stuck within the fibers,” Chapman shares.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has natural odor-absorbing properties that are great for refreshing carpets and upholstery. Chapman advises, “Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and upholstery and leave it to sit overnight. The next day, simply vacuum the baking soda up, leaving your carpets smelling fresh and pet-odor-free.”

The same principle applies to washing pet bedding, where adding baking soda to the detergent can eliminate lingering odors.

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Freezing and Alcohol

Chapman offers innovative solutions for removing solid stains and grass marks. “Of course, accidents can happen inside the home, as well as pets tracking mud and dirt debris into carpets. A clever hack is to freeze the stain by placing ice cubes on the area in a thin plastic bag,” Chapman says.

“Once the stain is frozen, you should be able to chip away at the stain using a spoon or spatula. Simply vacuum any excess deposits to fully remove the stain.”

Homemade Non-Toxic Cleaners

“To keep pets safe, many pet owners will opt to avoid toxic cleaning chemicals around the home, which can potentially cause harm to their furry friends. For hard surfaces, create your own non-toxic cleaning solution using white vinegar and water,” Chapman reveals.

A mixture of white vinegar and water can effectively clean hard surfaces, break down stains, and kill bacteria, ensuring a safe and clean environment for pets to roam freely.

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Preventative Measures

Chapman suggests setting up a paw-cleaning station at the front door to tackle dirt and grime before it enters the home. This proactive measure, coupled with an effective doorman, can significantly reduce the amount of cleaning required inside the house.



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