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Styling Your Very Own She Shed? Here's How To Decorate Your Private Abode

If you're looking to create a stylish space to retreat to in 2024, here are some ideas to get you started.

December 26, 2023 at 4:06 PM PST

What’s the woman’s equivalent of a man cave? Some may call it a she-shed, lady-lair, or woman cave, but whatever you call it, it’s finally been introduced to women, and it’s about time. Whether you build a new shed, renovate an old one, or decide to renovate an unused guest room in your home, here is some inspiration to create your own feminine sanctuary.

What Can You Use a She Shed For?

You may think you don’t need a she shed, but we are here to tell you that you do. You never need a reason for extra alone time and a designated space for it. Your woman cave can be used for more than just a spot to relax. Use it as a creative escape for your hobbies or businesses. Whether you need a space for working out, sewing, or getting some work done, turn it into whatever you’d like. There’s no rules when it comes to what a she shed can be used for.  Here are some ideas to think about for your new private abode.

Work Out Your Stresses in a Private Gym

Say goodbye to gym memberships and hello to your very own private gym. Transform your she shed into a space where you can train and exercise without the noises and crowdedness of a public gym. Invest in your favorite gym equipment to ensure your workouts are effective. And to keep you going, add motivational wall stickers to your home.

Handle Your Business with a Business Suite

Calling all entrepreneurs — use your she shed as a business suite and decorate it to your taste. Whether you’re a nail technician, makeup artist, or artist, take advantage of this extra room and transform it to a place to work out of.

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Get Productive with an Office Space

Check off your to-do list one by one in your own office space. For instance, if you love creating content, create a studio that offers enough space to shoot and edit content. Consider a desk and ample lighting for the perfect set up to.

Styling 101 and Items You Should Include

Stick to your style and what you think will best accomplish the look you’re going for. While we cover the items you need for interior design, don’t neglect your exterior. Decorate the outside to create a warm welcome for your girls that come to visit. Plus, with the holidays around the corner, this is the perfect time to get festive and show your holiday spirit!

Comfy Seating

No matter the purpose of your mini creative space, comfort is key. Invest in a comfortable sofa that you can use for cat naps, reading, or taking a break from work. If you really want to be practical, get a pull out couch that can double as an extra bed, just in case those girls nights turn into sleepovers. If a couch is too large, opt for two comfy chairs that add to your decor style and aesthetic.


Neon Signs

Customized neon signs are extremely popular and bring a cool vibe to any space. These eye catching elements will instantly boost impressions and is a great way to incorporate colors.

Mini Bar or Bar Cart

Your catch up conversations with your girls aren’t complete without a drink to sip on. Adding a private bar is an absolute must-have in your lady lair. Spice things up a bit for fun nights with your friends who visit. If space is limited, consider a floating shelf to place your cups and spirits.

Bring Nature Inside

Every space can use a little nature. Florals and plants not only bring color, but also add that feminine touch in your woman cave. Use greenery to ground the area and help your space a little.

Wall Art

Wall art is the best way to reflect your personality! If you’re on a budget, opt for DIY projects such as textured wall art or 3D wall art. If not, go all out and consider wall art pieces that are oversized for a luxe look. Incorporate family photos, too, for a personal touch.


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