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Decorate Man Cave Decor

Ready To Decorate Your Dream Man Cave Retreat? Here's How

November 14, 2023 at 9:23 PM PST
Decorate Man Cave Decor

Ready To Decorate Your Dream Man Cave Retreat? Here's How

November 14, 2023 at 9:23 PM PST

A well-designed man cave can change the mood for anyone who needs a break from work and time to themselves. Watching sports, playing games, and spending time with your best bros (or girls) is a whole lot better when you have an area specifically for those activities. If you’re using a man cave as an escape, then decorating it is the first step in curating a space that truly feels like your own.

Man Cave Design Ideas

Use these ideas to decorate your man cave and create an environment you’ll never want to leave.

Photo redit: Chastity Cortijo

Private Bar

Let’s be honest—no man cave is complete without a private bar area. Invite your friends and family over to enjoy Sunday football accompanied by your favorite drink and a comfy seat. Depending on the size of your man cave, consider a corner bar with just the right amount of space to store beverages and glasses. Having a designated area to make your own drinks will take your man cave to the next level.

Television or Projectors

You can’t watch sports without a quality flat-screen TV. Consider the size of your wall space and man cave before selecting your television. Make sure it’s the correct size and nicely proportionate to your wall. A TV too big feels cluttered, and one too small is overlooked by the vast wall space.

If you really want to save space, ditch the TV and invest in a projector. Hang it up on the ceiling of your room to allow more space or project it on a blank wall. Projectors allow the flexibility to move them wherever you’d like, versus a TV being more stationary. Both options are ideal for a man cave.

Trophy Case

If you’re one who collects souvenirs or sports team memorabilia, consider purchasing a trophy case. With this staple piece, you’re able to showcase your favorite players’ jerseys, helmets, signed footballs, and more. Trophy cases are also perfect for storage and organization. Collect your favorite items all in one place to achieve a nice, clean look. For a luxury look, add lighting to each shelf of your trophy case to highlight each prized possession.

Pool Table

Pool tables are a classic staple piece in any space, especially for your modern man cave. They’ve been around for hundreds of years and are the perfect central element for a little competition among friends.

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Adding posters is a great way to show your personality in your man cave. Choose some of your favorite movies, shows, sports memorabilia, or whatever else you think would make great wall art. This is a nice touch to your empty walls. For a finished look, frame each poster.


There’s no better way to enjoy your private abode than by relaxing on comfy, plush seating.  Having a comfortable sofa for lounging days is an essential factor for your man cave. Bean bags, recliners, theater-styled chairs, sectional sofas, and others are great options to ensure a cozy seat.

Photo credit: @mancavemasters / Instagram

Game Machines

Keep the competitions going with game machines. Pull out the old Pac-Man games and entertain your inner child! Game machines will give your manctuary an arcade feel. Don’t forget to add chairs or barstools to keep your guests comfortable and relaxed while they’re in game mode.


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