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This 3D Floral Wall Art Trend Is the Solution for Plain, Boring Walls

October 7, 2023 at 10:00 AM PST

When it comes to selecting artwork to hang in your home, the sky is the limit. You can choose from pieces that tell a story, are black and white, colorful, family-oriented, textured, and more. The list goes on.

As you know, most of the cool trends are found on TikTok. As of recent, the 3D wall art DIY project is one that will instantly add a unique, artsy feel to your home. It’s easy, affordable, and just the new addition you need for your space. While 3D wall art is also endless as far as textures, 3D floral art is a beautiful way to enhance any room and bring in nature. If you love floral decor and pictures, this is the ideal project for you to blend the two together. There are a ton of ways to display 3D floral art, but take a look at this one to get your creative juices flowing.

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What You’ll Need

  • Flowers of your choice
  • Picture frame
  • Clear wall-mounting flower vases
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Water
  • Scissors

What You’ll Do

Follow these quick, easy instructions to create a blossoming addition to your home decor.

#1 – Find a blank space on the wall.

Where you hang and place your art on your walls matters. Think about how you want to feel when you walk into a certain room. What do you want to be welcomed with? If you want to walk into your home and be greeted by floral art, consider hanging this masterpiece near the entryway. If you need motivation, think about adding it to your home office, as flowers and funky artwork can boost productivity.

#2 – Unwrap, remove, and hang your frame.

Once you find your designated area for your art, go ahead and hang the frame using a hammer and nails. Consider purchasing frames that include the white mat inner piece to emphasize the art and make it appear more realistic. Before hanging the frame, remember to remove the glass face and cardboard backing. You won’t need those two pieces, as your art will be hung directly on the wall’s surface. Use a level to ensure your frame is straight.

#3 – Prepare the wall.

Depending on the wall-mounted vases you choose, the pieces for assembly should already be included. Some will include little hooks or screws. Stick the hooks or screws in the wall to prepare to hang your vases. When doing so, think about how far up or low you want your flowers to hang. In the video above, the hooks are slightly lower than the center of the frame. Consider painting the screws the same color as the wall for a perfect blend.

#4 – Hang your flower vases.

Gently take your small vases and use the open clips on the back to hang them on the hooks on the wall.

#5 – Add water.

After securely hanging your vases on the wall, add water. Fill the vases up about halfway. Make sure there’s enough water for the flowers’ health but not too much to add heaviness to the wall. The last thing you want is for your vases to fall, resulting in a mess, or for your flowers to get too much water.

#6 – Arrange your flowers.

Now is the fun part! Add your hand-picked flowers and arrange them in a way that looks most visually pleasing or until you’re happy with the overall look. Since the flower vases are smaller, use the scissors to cut the stems down to comfortably fit the vases. Switch your flowers as often as you’d like to bring in a new vibe and feel every now and again.

This DIY project is perfect if you’re one who loves change and switching things around a little bit. This low-budget idea is a great way to constantly fill that creative need of “wanting more,” and you will always be in control of the feel of the room by switching the flowers every so often.



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