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Living Room Spring Floral Arrangements

6 Floral Arrangement Ideas That Are Perfect for Spring

Let your interior bloom with floral arrangements that welcome new beginnings.

March 25, 2024 at 11:06 PM PST

With the beginning of a new spring season comes embracing new beginnings, and we like to think that decorating your home with spring floral arrangements is the perfect way to celebrate. From your foyer to your tablescape, here are five places in your home where you can decorate with spring floral arrangements.

The Foyer

Because the foyer is the entry point to your home, it makes for the perfect area to welcome visitors. And what better way to invite people into your home than with beautiful floral decor? Welcoming visitors with flowers in the foyer is sure to add an air of elegance and warmth.

How To Decorate: Fill a tall vase with freshly cut tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths to create a stunning focal point that beckons loved ones inside.

The Living Room

The living room is pretty much the heart of the home, where most of the action happens as loved ones convene to relax and unwind. Because the area sees a lot of foot traffic, infusing the space with bright colors and scents of spring is a great reminder to be present and take it all in.

How To Decorate: Opt for spring floral arrangements that complement your existing decor. Place flowers on your coffee table, mantel, or bookshelf to invite joy and renewal to the room.

The Dining Table

If you like to host, a striking floral centerpiece is sure to turn heads. Whether you’re hosting a fancy soireé or a cozy dinner for two, a lovely arrangement of seasonal blooms is a one-way ticket to a charming and sophisticated tablescape.

How To Decorate: Try mixing and matching wildflowers in varying heights and colors to create a beautiful centerpiece that adds drama.

The Bedroom

Turn your bedroom into a field of flowers with delicate spring floral arrangements sprinkled about the room.

How To Decorate: Place a mini vase filled with flowers on your bedside tables, or put a large vase atop your dresser to add a touch of natural beauty to your space. When choosing flowers, be sure to pick light, pastel hues like blush pink or lilac as they can promote a tranquil environment conducive to proper sleep.

The Bathroom

Adding a floral arrangement to your bathroom can truly enhance your self-care routine. This contributes to a happier, healthier mind and body.

How To Decorate: You can recreate a spa-like experience by placing a vase of flowers on the vanity or by the bathtub. Be sure to use fragrant blooms like jasmine or lilac in order to reap their aromatherapeutic benefit.

Your Ultimate Spring Floral Arrangement Inspo

Now that you know where to decorate, it’s time to explore the how. Here are six spring floral arrangements to help inspire you.

1. A Stunning Seasonal Harvest

This minimalist, clear vase captures the true beauty of spring with bright orange carrots and plenty of pretty pink flowers.

2. An Easter Egg Arrangement

If you have children, this adorable arrangement that includes pale speckled Easter eggs is the perfect DIY project for welcoming spring together.


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3. An Explosion of Color

Brightly colored flowers make up this eye-catching arrangement that instantly adds a pop of color to your space.


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4. A Wild, Earthy Arrangement

This wild, grandiose arrangement makes for a striking focal point addition to your entryway.


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5. An Overflowing Vase

If you have a love of unique, eye-catching pieces, this simple floral arrangement takes the cake thanks to its overflowing vase design.


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6. A Basket of Wildflowers

An ideal arrangement for a minimalistic space, this bouquet of wildflowers lays neatly on a rustic basket for a stunning centerpiece idea.



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