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Garden Starting a Moon Garden

Here’s What You Need To Know About Starting a Moon Garden

June 28, 2023 at 8:15 PM PST
Garden Starting a Moon Garden

Here’s What You Need To Know About Starting a Moon Garden

June 28, 2023 at 8:15 PM PST

Have you always wondered what a moon garden entails? While it might sound like something straight out of a fantasy tale, moon gardens are more practical than you may think. You can easily transform your backyard into a night of enchanting smells and sights under the moonlight with some easy tips.

Setting Up a Moon Garden

how to start a moon garden
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Moon gardens thrive best in small areas as opposed to the entire backyard space. Before you start planting flowers that can thrive under the lunar light, you want to ensure that you know where the moonlight hits the most in your backyard space. Scope how the light at night looks in your garden. It’s important to see where the light shines the most because that light will frame your lunar garden.

Another key to having a moon garden is to understand that smaller is better. Typically, the flowers you use for a moon garden tend to be white or silver. Both of these colors in the moonlight will make your home garden sparkle. Farmer’s Almanac says plants such as “Shasta daisies, Sweet alyssum (which has lovely flowers that smell like honey), candytuft (Iberis), white creeping phlox, angel’s trumpet (brugmansia), white bleeding heart, mock orange, moonflower vines, climbing white hydrangea, calla lilies, white lilacs, and white lupine” all make for ideal flowers in a moon garden.

You can also opt for beautiful floral bulbs like white daffodils, snowdrops and summer snowflakes. Having these beautiful bulbs in your garden will create an unforgettable reflection in your garden. Also, you can find flowers that have enticing fragrances emitting from them to turn up your garden with a sensory element, too.

“Another aspect of the moon garden are flowers that become more fragrant in the evening,” Jerry Gorchels, regional manager for PanAmerican Seed, told Real Simple. Fragrant bloomers include white and silver petunias and white dianthus. For a flowerbed border, there is nothing more fragrant than white alyssum. Another bonus is that these fragrant flowers attract moths and other pollinators to your moon garden.

Not only that, but the allure of moonlit blooms and fragrances can create a mystical ambiance that is perfect for entertaining guests on a full moon night. “One of my favorite entertaining events is having friends over on a full moon night and enjoying the garden,” Gorchels added. Imagine hosting a soirée in your own moon garden, surrounded by friends and the soft glow of the moon.

Moon gardens offer a unique and enchanting way to enhance our outdoor spaces, providing a peaceful and serene atmosphere that can be enjoyed day or night. With careful planning and thoughtful design, a moon garden can truly be a magical addition to any outdoor space.



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