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5 Design Ideas We’re Stealing From This Chic Arizona Resort

August 17, 2023 at 4:00 AM PST

It happens to the best of us—on occasion, the familiar routine of working from home elicits strong feelings of wishing to escape to a tropical paradise somewhere, where the only things on your to-do list are sipping piña coladas poolside and soaking up the sun. Fortunately, that somewhere does exist, surprising as it may be, in a Southwestern city called Scottsdale, Arizona—more specifically, at an Old Havana-inspired resort aptly named The Scott.

No matter where you live, you can decorate your home to evoke the same charming, laid-back vibe of this destination that gets over 300 days of sunshine per year, minus the 100-plus-degree temperatures. This chic and stylish resort may be the answer to making your home feel as relaxing as a vacation, and after a recent visit, we were inspired to help you bring our favorite design elements straight to your home. Without further ado, here are the five things you can incorporate into your decor to create a space reminiscent of the most carefree tropical vacation.

Photo credit: @thescottresort / Instagram

Lush Greenery

It’s not a tropical paradise without ample greenery. Incorporate the element of nature into your space by utilizing potted and hanging plants of various sizes—the more the better. Palm trees, parlor palms, pothos and monstera would all work to channel the essence of the tropics and evoke feelings of well-being and relaxation.


Photo credit: @thescottresort / Instagram

Ornate Gold Mirrors

A mirror like this one in your living room or bedroom is a timeless statement piece that exudes luxury and richness that only ornate gold pieces can provide. Pair it with a custom design painted on the wall behind as pictured here to expertly amp up the visual appeal and create a focal point that will provide the perfect backdrop for mirror selfies.

Photo credit: @thescottresort / Instagram

Neon Signs

Any home with a neon sign is sure to be the liveliest house on the street. A sign with your last name or favorite quote in any color (though we have to say we’re partial to the pink) is an instant way to add uniqueness and personality to any wall in your space. Pair it with a home bar as pictured here to really solidify your home as the ultimate place on the block for entertaining.

Photo credit: @thescottresort / Instagram

Teal Accents

Though not everyone can lounge poolside under a cabana in their backyard, everyone can recreate this outdoor seating area with solid teal or teal-striped cushions. Teal is the color most reminiscent of cool blue waters and adds all the more relaxation and tranquility to your patio. Pair it with an outdoor firepit to truly make it feel like your own personal vacation oasis.

Photo credit: @thescottresort / Instagram

Rattan and Wood Elements

Rattan and wood are two major elements in achieving a laid-back, resort-style interior. Pairing these materials together creates a sense of warmth and invites a comfortable, free-spirited atmosphere. Compatible with bohemian and coastal design styles, wood and rattan provide an organic textural element that enhances the ambiance of any space so you’ll never want to leave—so go ahead, stay a little while longer.



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