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Could You Live in a Small Space? What To Know Before You Move Into a Tiny Home

October 5, 2023 at 7:21 PM PST
Home Tiny Home Things To Consider

Could You Live in a Small Space? What To Know Before You Move Into a Tiny Home

October 5, 2023 at 7:21 PM PST

Tiny homes are a growing trend on social media. But even though they’ve created a lot of buzz, not many people know what exactly goes into maintaining one. If you’re considering purchasing a tiny home or simply want to learn more about them, here are nine things that you should know about tiny homes.

1. Your lifestyle could change.

Going from a home to a tiny home is a big adjustment. Most tiny homes measure between 60 and 600 square feet, which is a far cry from your average 2,000-square-foot home. And as you downsize, your lifestyle is likely to change. For example, you’ll probably have to give up certain hobbies or activities that require a larger space, such as hosting. But don’t worry, this new lifestyle change can also amount to more freedom and simplicity.

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2. You’ll need multi-functional spaces.

Since tiny homes have limited room, you’ll need to make do with what you have. To do this, shop for furniture that serves multiple functions. Think sofa beds, nesting tables, and storage ottomans. This way, you can make the most of your space without sacrificing its functionality.

3. Saving space will be your priority.

When you have minimal space to work with, you’ll have to find ways to create more. This includes incorporating design elements with space-saving features like built-in or hidden storage, fold-down desks, and compact or combination appliances. You can also expect to make use of vertical space with floating shelves and over-the-door organizers

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4. You have to like DIY.

When it comes to living in a tiny home, you really have to get creative. You’ll likely practice a lot of DIY projects to make the most of your space, from building custom furniture to finding inventive storage solutions. Not to mention, building a tiny home from the ground up is quite the DIY project in and of itself.

5. You’ll need to consider its resale value.

Even though the tiny home market is growing, living in a tiny home is certainly not for everyone. And unfortunately, because of this, selling one can be pretty challenging. So if you’re thinking about moving into a tiny home, consider its resale value so you can make an informed decision before signing on the dotted line.

6. You’ll need a towing vehicle.

Tiny homes are typically built on trailers so that they can easily move from one place to another. But in order to do this, you’ll need a towing vehicle. Before purchasing a tiny home, do a bit of research into the type of vehicle needed and how to properly equip it for transport.

7. You need to be realistic.

Living in a tiny home requires a lot of sacrifice. You’ll probably have to say goodbye to sectional sofas, long dining tables, or tall bookcases. Make sure you’re comfortable with compromise because if you have rigid design ideas, the tiny home life is probably not for you.

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8. You’ll likely live off-grid.

Because tiny homes don’t have traditional utility connections, they require a more off-grid lifestyle. Many tiny homeowners set up solar panels, composting toilets, rainwater collection, and other sustainable systems to make it work. But the good news is that this self-sufficient lifestyle aligns with the minimalistic ethos of tiny living, which is all about reducing your environmental impact and promoting a simpler, more self-reliant lifestyle.

9. You’ll have a lot of fun.

Tiny homes are trending for a reason — there are many benefits that come with living in one. For example, you have more freedom to travel and explore. You also get to save a lot of money on housing expenses. Plus, tiny home living is better for the environment, so you can feel good about your lifestyle choices. And because you have to live in such a small space, it teaches you to get creative, which can be incredibly fulfilling over time.


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