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How To Transform Your Shed Into a Tiny House - 7 Simple Steps

October 30, 2023 at 6:46 PM PST
Home Tiny Homes

How To Transform Your Shed Into a Tiny House - 7 Simple Steps

October 30, 2023 at 6:46 PM PST

Tiny houses have become the latest housing trend. With the affordable cost and nice space, people are opting for tiny houses over regular homes and apartments. This housing trend first started to make its way on television with shows like Tiny House Hunters and eventually made its way to social media platforms like TikTok, with homeowners giving tours of their unique tiny homes.

Even though tiny homes have less space, you can still make them your own little cozy and comfortable abode. If you’re planning on building a tiny home, one trendy hack that you might see all over social media is a shed being turned into a tiny house. Turning a shed into a tiny home is convenient because of the cost compared to building a home from scratch or buying a home. The small space is already configured, so from there you can DIY things for your home, paint, and decorate. Convert your shed into a tiny house with these hacks and ideas.

Paint or Wallpaper

If you're converting a shed into a tiny house, painting and installing wallpaper are easy and fun tasks to start with. Pictured: A person painting a wall.

One of the first steps to turn your shed into a tiny house and make it your own is to paint or install wallpaper. For painting, if you’re looking for a more modern theme, black, white, beige, or gray are great options. For a colorful and bright space, try pastel colors or bright colors. Install wallpaper or take the easy route with peel-and-stick wallpaper. Incorporate geometric designs or add a funky wallpaper to make your walls stand out.

Install Insulation, Heating, and AC

If you plan on converting a shed into a tiny home, heating and AC are some of the most important steps. Pictured: A tiny home in the snow.

If you plan on spending a lot of time in your shed-converted tiny house, insulation is a step that cannot be skipped. Protect the interior of your home, reduce noise levels, and make your space comfortable by installing insulation. Air conditioning and heat are also important to stay warm or cool during the summer and winter weather seasons. If you live in an area that is humid or gets extremely hot or extremely cold, don’t skip out on the heating and AC installation.

Lay Your Countertops and Appliances

Add countertops and appliances to your tiny house that's been converted from a shed. This will complete the kitchen look and aesthetic and give you a space to cook and eat. Pictured: A kitchen with appliances and a countertop.

To make your kitchen space complete, install countertops and appliances. You can find the right appliances from your local home improvement store. For countertops, you can incorporate sintered stone, marble, quartz, or any other countertop preference. If you decide to go with a basic and more affordable countertop option, consider using contact paper to make it look more on theme with your home. For colors, consider all-black appliances and countertops for a chic vibe, or go with all-white and incorporate gold detailing and marble countertops for an elegant look.

Add Furniture, Decor, and Detailing

When turning a shed into a tiny house, how you decorate and utilize furniture is key. Pictured: A couch in a living room.

After you’ve finished renovating and converting your tiny house into a shed, furniture is the next thing you should consider. You’ll want to make sure the furniture matches with the paint colors and overall theme of the house. Depending on the shape of the living room, L-shaped couches or rectangle couches work well. If you have a fireplace, the television can be mounted above it and the couches can be angled towards it. For decor and detailing, add rugs, shelves, a table, vases, and other decor pieces. Purchase a few coffee table books and artwork for display on shelves. This is the perfect opportunity to cater to your aesthetic and make the space your own.

Create an Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space is just as important as the indoor space at your new tiny house. Plant flowers or a garden to beautify the outside of the home. Pictured: Flowers

You want your tiny house to look just as nice on the outside as it does on the inside. Creating a beautiful outdoor space and maintaining it is even easier than converting the shed into a tiny house. Plant a garden outside your home, and add a row of flowers, lights, or outdoor decor to make the space feel welcoming and inviting. Consider adding an outdoor patio with furniture for when guests come over.

Leave Room for Extra Storage

Add storage racks to your shed converted into a tiny house. Store additional supplies and items on the shelves to keep them out of the way. Pictured:A storage rack with supplies and items

If putting your additional items in a storage facility isn’t an option, create a space for your things. Because you’re downsizing and converting your shed into a tiny house, you’ll have less space for storage, but you can still utilize space. Consider purchasing or building storage racks to hang items up on the wall. This hack makes it easier to find what you’re looking for without having to drive to a storage facility and look for stuff or having to go through bins and boxes to find what you need.

Connect Water and Power

Turning your shed into a tiny home might feel like a daunting task, but there are a few simple step that are important for comfortable living. Adding power and water to your home is one of those steps to ensure that you can cook, shower, use outlets and more. Pictured: Running water from a faucet.

Another important step for those turning a shed into a tiny home is to make sure water and power are connected. This step is important and cannot be skipped, otherwise, it’d pretty much be impossible to cook, shower, use outlets, or do any basic tasks. If you’re an expert, you can install a water line, but hiring someone to do this step is recommended. For connecting power, you’ll need to install electrical panels and outlets in the shed. You can also use underground cables or an above-ground conduit. If you’re not well-versed in connecting power, hire a professional for a simple and easy route.


Whether it’s luxury or ease, every area of your home should be as fabulous and unique as you.



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