Vacuuming Mistakes To Avoid for a Spotless Space
Cleaning Vacuuming Mistakes

7 Vaccuuming Mistakes To Avoid for a Spotless Space

October 21, 2023 at 1:15 PM PST
Cleaning Vacuuming Mistakes

7 Vaccuuming Mistakes To Avoid for a Spotless Space

October 21, 2023 at 1:15 PM PST

Fall allergies are the absolute worst. From sneezing to itchy eyes, the transition between seasons can be unbearable for many. Fortunately, there are ways to fight against annoying allergy symptoms, and the solution is probably already inside your home.

Vacuum cleaners are a really effective way to combat seasonal allergies. By regularly cleaning up dust and debris, you can create a more healthy living space that’s free of harmful allergens.

While vacuuming certainly isn’t most people’s idea of fun, vacuuming mistakes can make the job more frustrating than it needs to be. But the good news is that with a few helpful tips, you can easily avoid these common mistakes for a quicker, more efficient clean. To learn which faux pas to avoid, here are seven vacuuming mistakes you’re making that decrease productivity:

A person vacuuming carpet
Photo credit: cottonbro studio via Pexels

You’re Not Emptying the Vacuum When It’s Full

Letting your vacuum pile up with dust and debris for too long can impact how well it works. Not only does it reduce its suction power, but it could even damage its motor in certain cases. To avoid this, try to empty your vacuum after every use. Or if your vacuum comes with a vacuum bag, clean it out when it starts to become full.

You’re Using the Wrong Attachment

Modern vacuums come souped up with various features and attachment that make cleaning a whole lot easier. But if you’re using the wrong attachments when you clean, you’re likely making your job that much harder. Make sure to carefully review your vacuum’s instructions manual to know which attachment does what and how to use it correctly.

You’re Going Too Fast

It’s easy to rush through a vacuuming job if you don’t particularly like doing it. But vacuuming too fast can actually reduce your vacuum’s effectiveness, causing it to blow debris around instead of cleaning it. For a more thorough clean, take your time and go at a more steady pace.

You’re Ignoring the Warning Signs

When your vacuum isn’t working properly, it’ll sometimes let you know. Take heed if you notice a burning smell or hear strange noises coming from your vacuum. Recognizing the signs can let you know when it’s time for a repair or replacement.

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner
Photo credit: Pixabay via Pexels

You’re Vacuuming Liquids

Most vacuums on the market are designed to only clean up dry messes like dust, lint, pet hair, and crumbs. So if you use your vacuum to mop up liquids, you could potentially ruin its motor. Instead, shop for an electric mop so you can clean up spills more efficiently. You could also try a cordless wet and dry mop like an iHome WetVac that tackles both wet and dry messes without you having to lift a finger.

You’re Forgetting The Edges and Corners

Dust and debris tends to accumulate more quickly at the edges and corners of your room or furniture. These areas can be super easy to miss, and forgetting to clean them can negatively impact your home’s air quality. When vacuuming your space, pay special attention to edges and corners for a cleaner, more healthy environment.

You’re Not Using the Proper Height Adjustments

Many vacuums have settings that allow you to adjust their height to properly clean different surfaces. Not using these settings leads to ineffective cleaning, which makes your job a lot harder.

For a more thorough clean, make sure your settings are on low when working with bare floors to clean up fine debris. On the flip side, you should raise your settings when vacuuming tall and thick carpeting so that the vacuum brush roll doesn’t get obstructed by pushing too hard against the carpet fibers.



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