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Williams-Sonoma Launches First New Home Brand in a Decade and It's Focused on Sustainability

May 15, 2023 at 4:40 PM PST

Sustainability has become a hot topic in recent years, with consumers prioritizing spending dollars on eco-friendly brands. Major retailers are taking notice and doing their part to launch sustainable collections and products. Williams-Sonoma is one of the latest retailers to do so in the home space. For the first time in the past decade, the iconic retailer launched a new brand, and it’s all about sustainability. Other brands in the retailer’s portfolio include West Elm and Pottery Barn.

The new home brand, GreenRow, uses sustainable materials and manufacturing processes to create an eco-friendly line of products. To bring this brand to life, Williams-Sonoma’s Vice President of Strategy and Business Development Jaimee Seabury and her team sourced artisans and vendors from around the world whose commitment is to sustainability. From working with rug makers in India, sourcing eco-friendly wool from lambs, and working with vendors in Portugal who use recycled glaze on ceramics, the GreenRow team is committed to the cause. Every aspect of the brand is sustainable, down to the packaging and labeling. There are even QR codes instead of sewn-in labels on items. The packages have no single-use plastics — only recyclable cardboard boxes and tape made from repurposed plastic.


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Sustainable Modern Heirlooms

According to Seabury, “GreenRow is focused on creating modern heirlooms by combining bright colors and thoughtful details into sustainable materials.” The designs have a European influence, using materials from around the world and beautiful vintage-inspired details. Shop the brand for everything from beds with heirloom appeal to kids and baby items for a growing home.

GreenRow Sustainable Furniture
Photo Credit: GreenRow

“In addition to designing into a timeless aesthetic, we also committed to utilizing sustainable manufacturing practices and teaching our customers how to care for our products in order to ensure their longevity,” Seabury shares in a press release.

Each item in GreenRow’s offering will support a social or environmental initiative of Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Consumers who purchase a solid wood furniture piece from GreenRow will be a participant in Williams-Sonoma, Inc.’s tree planting program. The program plants a tree for every piece of wood indoor furniture sold.


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