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Repurpose Extra Wall Space with a Wine Cellar Under Your Stairs

June 27, 2023 at 5:23 PM PST

Building a wine cellar under your stairs is the perfect renovation project if you are one who values and appreciates vino. If you have any bare, unused wall space under your stairs, you can easily repurpose it and elevate your home. Though the space can be uncommon, it’s a great way to get creative and show off your wine collection in a monumental way, while adding your personal style. When most people think about a wine cellar, they think of a huge, open space that holds big barrels of classic wine. While that can be a thing, it doesn’t have to be. The design options are endless.

Before you get started, there are several things you should consider when approaching the job.  Most of these things depend on your style and the specific size of the area you’re working with in your home.

Why Build a Wine Cellar?

It’s easy to throw the wine in fridge or store it on a bar cart off in the corner, but here are a few reasons why a wine cellar is a great investment.

Build a Wine Collection

Instead of running to the store to grab wine before your guests come over, you’ll have your own “store” in your home. Building a wine cellar is convenient and a great way to start a wine collection. Everything is stored away, protected and cared for you and available whenever you need it.

Prevent Wine from Spoiling

No one wants to spend their hard earn money on vintage wines for them go to waste. That’s why it’s crucial to preserve your wine. Wine cellars help manage temperate and humidity levels protecting your wine from spoiling. Any adjustment of temperature levels can effect the wine negatively. This also will effect the taste. This storage space will is the perfect environment to accommodate wine.

The More You Know

The more you’re around vino, the more you’ll learn. You’ll be able to witness and experience the wine aging process firsthand, giving you the upper hand in understanding their peak and how they’ll taste. You also can learn more about the many varieties and how the taste will change over time.

What to Consider When Building a Wine Cellar

Building a wine cellar is convenient, great for entertainment and will ensure your vino upholds it quality, rich taste. Here are a few tips to consider to get started.

Sizing and Measurements

Since this project is to be done under the stairs, consider a triangular design for your wine cellar based on the shape of your stairs. Sizing is an important factor in this process. If  the space under your stairs doesn’t accommodate a large wine cellar, then that is not a problem. Think about a wine display or mini walk in storage space. Getting concise measurements is vital due to the unique triangular shape you’re working with.

Transparent Design and Lighting

Consider transparent designs like a glass case to flaunt your wine collection. Glass will give it a modern and sleek feel, and it’s great for guests to admire your collection. To give off a calm and sophisticated vibe, consider elegant low lighting.

Consider Your Home Design and Customizable Wine Racks

Figure out the dimensions of this space and order custom, quality wine racks that actually fit. When picking your wine racks, consider your home design. Every intricate detail is all up to you, but think about what is already in your home and how you can add to that without overdoing it. If your home is on the modern side, think about using glass. If it’s more homey and traditional, try using wood for you wine cellar. This way your wine cellar will fit perfectly and enhance the overall area.

It’s evident that building a wine cellar is mostly for pleasure and there’s nothing wrong with that. Reward yourself, family and friends with a wine tasting event, movie night or simple excuse to sit and catch up. It adds high value to your home.



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