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Decorate Anthropologie Spring/Summer Collection

17 of Our Favorite Finds From Anthropologie's Spring Collection

Vibrant colors and blooming floral designs usher in spring and summer decor at AnthroLiving.

April 11, 2024 at 10:44 PM PST
Decorate Anthropologie Spring/Summer Collection

17 of Our Favorite Finds From Anthropologie's Spring Collection

Vibrant colors and blooming floral designs usher in spring and summer decor at AnthroLiving.

April 11, 2024 at 10:44 PM PST

Spring has entered the chat, and when it comes to capturing the season’s essence of renewal and vitality in home decor, AnthroLiving by Anthropologie is the brand that truly embodies these themes. Known for its eclectic and whimsical aesthetic, Anthroliving’s unique selections of furniture, textiles, lighting, and decorative accents exist in a space of character and comfort, offering charm and elevation to any home. With its commitment to sourcing artisanal products and collaborating with global makers, many of the brand’s pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited edition, making them feel personal while also reflecting the ingenuity of worldly craftsmanship.

Our Top Picks

You can find everything from embellished ceramics to meticulously embroidered cushions, each designed to infuse personality and creativity into a room. The seasonal collections, like this year’s spring rendition of monochromatic, two-toned, and floral furnishings, appeal to various tastes and interior styles. From smooth velvet seating to handblown wine glasses to ornate metal mirrors, there is something for all designers to fall in love with at AnthroLiving.

It sometimes takes us hours, no exaggeration, to comb through the thousands of cool items on the brand’s site. Like us, you might discover a plate set that matches your outdoor tablescape perfectly and then see another you’re even more obsessed over minutes later. Fellow shopaholics to another: we understand—it’s hard to choose one. All is not lost, however. (And all credit card statements do not have to be lengthy). Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. H&T rounded up 17 of our favorites from AnthroLiving’s spring collection below. Keep reading for fresh, playful statement pieces that harmoniously blend coziness, glamour, and sophistication.

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Faye Planter

These adorable planters sold out in yellow and lilac, but you can still grab the blue before it's gone. Raised garden motifs accompany flat ones to create a scene from a fairytale on these dreamy garden-inspired stoneware statements. Each planter comes in a different size, so you can build an eye-catching centerpiece if there's a restock.

Tabachín Lounge Chair

Have you ever sat in a plastic outdoor chair that conforms to the body? This lounger is named after the Tabachín tree, also known as the royal poinciana, native to Madagascar and found in the United States throughout parts of Florida and Texas. Like the promise of a vacation, its curvy, comfortable silhouette invites you to relax and take some time off. Though not pictured here, there's also a matching ottoman available.

Flower Shop Doormat

We don't have much to say about this exclusive flower shop doormat except that it's too cute not to add to our carts. Oh, and it's top-rated. It's perfect for a patio entrance or a porch covered with flowers and very on-brand for a florist or gardener.

Sunset Study Wall Art

For starters, who doesn't love wall art that comes framed? Unfortunately, these moody pieces aren't a set, but on the upside, you can mix and match to customize with your decor and personal style. Groovy and retro, give these a spot above the couch, in a corner, or propped on the floor against a shelf. Either way, they're going to liven up the place.

Faux Fur Floral Pillow

The colors, the coziness, the details! This dark turquoise faux fur pillow is truly one-of-a-kind with its gorgeous blurring effect. Did you fall in love with it too? If so, that's not all. Head to the site and check out the matching throw blanket.

Leela Alabaster Bath Sconce

A glowing piece of floral decor, we encourage defying the rules a bit with this sconce. It's damp-rated, so if you want to put it in the bathroom, your call. But the possibilities are endless. The soft, elegantly feminine light can hold its own in an entryway, hallway, or even bedside.

Daisy Knobs

Simple, sweet, festive. Embrace down-to-earth maximalism with these daisy knobs for a kitchen cabinet renovation or keep it minimalistic and add them to a single drawer.

Faye Floral Night Gardenia Ceramic Candle

A cousin of the Faye Planter, this candle is set in a similar silhouette. Experience paradise with scents of fragrant gardenia, soft tonka, salted guava, and a warm musk finale.

Alexandra Farmer The Flock Reversible Table Runner

Long dining tables feel incomplete without a table runner, yet the same look can get boring after a while. With this one, you won't have that problem. It's gorgeous, featuring radiant citrus patterns and florals, and reversible. The exclusive 2-for-1 is everything you need to celebrate the cheer of a summer meal.

Pickleball Dish Towel

Does anyone know when pickleball became the new "IT" game? Anyways, how fun is this dish towel? It depicts a scene of the game (which is a cross between tennis and ping pong?). Whether a player or not, the bright colors and details are enough to get us to hit "add to basket."

Margot Coupe Glasses

One of AnthroLiving's several colorful iterations of a classic cocktail glass, the textured, two-tone stem on the coupes takes things to another level. We've introduced you to the pink and green shade, but there's a blue and purple version to sip on, too. Martini or champagne, anyone?

Abacaxi Ice Bucket

An ice bucket with floral embellishments, anyone? You might assume nothing could make your dinner parties more fab, but the dazzling doesn't end here. Pick up the matching cocktail shaker, food dome, and napkin holders for soirées that are dressed to impress.

Della Indoor/Outdoor Bench

Sit in style with the checkered print Della Indoor/Outdoor Bench. Ideal for any outdoor color scheme, you can choose from beige, natural, and orange. It's crafted from woven rope and teak wood, so move it inside on rainy days or other bad weather.

Daria Sculpted Floral Vase

You don't even need to add flowers to this lovely work of art to call attention to it. The exclusive ivory stoneware vase features elaborate embellishments, including two peach and purple flowers connected to stems designed into the silhouette.

Maeve Sateen Duvet Cover

The Maeve duvet cover embodies springtime, especially in the moss pattern pictured here. It also comes in sky, pink, and lilac nature-inspired designs. The vibrance of the moss bedding exudes a fresh and lively energy that resembles the blooming gardens outdoors.

Loro Bird Pitcher

The Loro Bird Pitcher is one of the most well-designed pieces on this list. It features a handpainted yellow vessel with a bluebird perched on a branch as the handle. Such intricacy is something to sing about.

Amelie Assorted Latte Pasta Bowls

You get six pastel pasta bowls finished in a shiny glaze in this set. Complete it with the cereal and mini options for a full cabinet. They're only available at current price for a limited time. Act fast!

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